Monday, November 4, 2013


I gripe about etiquette, a lot.  It's because it's important to me to function in society.  It makes it so much easier when everyone follows suit.  Using turn signals.  Saying excuse me, thank you, please...simple things that we were all taught in our formulative years.
It is beyond frustrating to see the lack of respect for etiquette.  The snow birds have returned to AZ and so there is a plethora of slow drivers on the freeways.  People that do not drive frequently on freeways.  I try to not stress out about it.
Then, today, I went hiking and made sure to allow people to have the right away on their descent. I made eye contact and hoped they would acknowledge me with a thank you.  Rarely did it happen.  Moreoever, I did ensure that this guy that sounded like an elephant (heavy walker) could pass me safely.  I waited on the side for him to continue.  He did not even acknowledge it. Jackass!
Annoyed, I continued.  There is a bench to rest at the midway point.  I approached it and noted the elephant was resting.  I walked off to the side and drank some gatorade.  I waited for the heavy walker to start.  He didn't.  In my mind, I knew I would refuse to let him pass me as he had no class in the first encounter.
I made my way to the top and passed another guy that I had made sure to say excuse me too.  This new guy was inexperienced and had no clue as to how to be respectful to other hikers.  He was in the way and wouldn't step aside to allow someone to pass.
I just don't get it.  What happened to awareness?  Kindness?  Etiquette?  Why must I keep beating my head against a brick wall when it comes to this?  Should I just let it go?
Of course, I entertain that thought.  Then, I hear something, not associated with this particular thing but a reminder that I am right.  It all goes back to respect, commanding respect, being respectful.  I was told last night that I was a bitch...but don't take it the wrong way.
I didn't.  I knew, exactly, what this guy was trying to say.  When I say things are done at my bar gig, people listen.  Why? Because they know that I mean it.  I try to be honorable, respectful, genuine.
I guess I am on a soap box since I saw a lady sideswipe a car yesterday.  I heard the crash and watched as the woman got out of her vehicle to assess the damage.  She looked around and spotted me and another guy on a bike.  I couldn't help myself.  I had to say something.  I have been sideswiped and it sucks.
So, I tell the lady to leave a note.  I even suggest...if this were your car, how would you feel?
She agrees and I head to yoga.  I watch for the person that owns the car that was hit.  Ten minutes later they walk up to their car.  I rush out to see if the woman was honest with her note.  She was.  It sucks that I had the expectation that she would not be.
Next time you are out, driving, use your turn signals.  Why is this an issue?  Is it a problem that you indicate your next move as opposed to merging into an unassuming person?  Or, hiking, say, excuse me...It makes it so much kinder.  What happened to kindness, gratitude, respect?
I am done for the night.  I will enjoy my glass of wine.  My program.  The rest of my day off.  The possibility of a trip, improved etiquette, kindness.

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