Saturday, November 30, 2013

breakfast with friends

I am still feeling the effects of Thanksgiving dinner.  It was delicious!  My friend's neighbors spoiled us with green chile corn casserole.  I believe that was my favorite dish of the meal.  Thankfully, the guy that made the left over plates made sure to add some of the corn casserole to mine.  He omitted the turkey.  I still think that is odd as that is the main dish of the meal.  However, I probably did not need more turkey.  I know that I didn't.
I met a dear friend for breakfast yesterday.  Hailey and I met in 4th grade.  Played softball together, were part of the Pepper squad, went to K.U. and eventually, I stood up in her wedding.  We have kept in contact over the years and I was very excited to hear about her trip to AZ for Thanksgiving.  I met her husband at KU and Brian and I spent a weekend with them in Dallas (where they reside) in 2003--I think.  Cory's parents retired and chose Arizona as their retirement home of choice.
Yesterday was the first time I met their three boys.  Adorable, polite and funny!  I had met the oldest when he was a baby.  In 2006, I took a road trip which included a couple of days in Dallas. Hailey and Cory let me stay at their house and we bonded over reunion memories and Brian.  Andrew was a few months old at that point.  I remember going out to dinner and he slept through the entire meal.
It was nice to see the dynamics of how the boys got along.  The youngest, Austin, sat by me at the breakfast and I was able to play with his trucks and color.  Kids and the color factor.  It is a nice distraction while waiting for food.
It was too quick of a breakfast as I had to go to work and they had plans to hike and spend time with their families.  Still, I valued them for making time to spend with me.  I find that it is always challenging to achieve everything I want to get done when visiting family, new cities, friends.
I plan on visiting them in Dallas or Austin 2014.  Austin is one city that I have not yet visited.  Although, I have always wanted to check it out.  Live music, food, trendy bars....who wouldn't want to visit?  I think it could happen next year.
Unless I have the opportunity to road trip it somewhere, this month, I think my travels for 2013 are concluded.  I might be doing a day trip to Sedona with my mini-me or there is always San Diego.  I still have fond memories of xmas a couple of years ago.  It could happen.  I know that I must stay here for the holiday but a road trip could be in order.  San Diego is close or perhaps, Santa Fe.  I only need to be open to the possibility of it to make it happen.

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