Wednesday, November 20, 2013

mini trip

 I love traveling.  It is my reset button.  I am able to assess, reflect, determine my priorities.  Thankfully, my current employer understands that need for travel.  I suppose, the majority, of my employers have seen that desire of mine to be free.
I woke up, at 3:45, to drive to Santa Fe.  I chose to drive a new route which promised to decrease the trip by an hour.  I prefer this road, now, as it does, in fact cut the trip to something manageable.  I wasn't in love with driving in the dark along unfamiliar roads.  I had a lunch date in ABQ with a friend from Jr. High.  Thinking back, the first time I went to Santa Fe, was with Jennifer on a school trip.  I remember that trip fondly.  We visited Bandelier Monument National Park, went to the reservation in Taos and camped in Colorado.  It was my first "real" trip without family....ahh, the memories.
Jennifer and I had lunch at a local eatery.  I was tired from the drive.  Still, it was wonderful to see her and briefly catch up.  We did a half marathon in Las Vegas a few years ago.  I am fortunate to have friends in my life where we can pick up and go where we last left off.  Jennifer relocated to Albuquerque last year and is thriving.  Me, I prefer Santa Fe.
 I checked into my hotel.  It is all about who you meet along the journey.  While at the Wine & Chile Festival, I attended a tasting at the Governor's Mansion.  Lisa swore it would be casual.  I show up in my standard dress--shorts, top, purse draped across my chest.  I am that simple in terms of style.
I felt very underdressed and just went with it.  We mingled and Lisa pointed out some of the movers and shakers in Santa Fe.  Eventually, I found myself outside of the tent and met this guy who was a native of Santa Fe.  He went to D.U. which continued our conversation.  I can talk, forever, about my love for the city of Denver.  I asked David if he had heard of the Bull (my former job) and he goes--yea, I used to hang out there all the time when I was in college.  I was surprised since I didn't recognize him and so I was trying to figure out when college was for him.
Anyways, we had a conversation and that simple conversation led to a lovely room at a hotel in Santa Fe.  I took advantage of his offer of a great rate on my next trip to Santa Fe.
It came earlier than I envisioned.  However, I am going through some changes in my life.  A more stable, adult job, which is scary.  I love the flexibility/freedom associated with bartending.  I am able to keep that job on a minimal basis.  I like the new opportunity with the new position.  I will have insurance through my job which has never been part of the service industry package.  Paid time off, benefits--all new things to me.  But, with that, is a sacrifice.  The sacrifice of my come as I like lifestyle.
I felt it imperative that I take some time for me before greeting the holidays.
This is the view from my jr suite at the hotel.  Decadent and amazing.  I extended my stay to enjoy it a little longer.  Santa Fe rarely (really, never) disappoints me.  I always find new ways to fall in love with this city.  This go around, Melody and I went to Ojo Caliente.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Santa Fe.  More rustic than the Waves but equally delightful.  I loved it.  I was super relaxed after the soak day, too.
I was taken to a new restaurant that I cannot believe I have never stumbled upon myself.  I had a couple glasses of wine at the palace bar and yummy food.  I especially enjoyed the polenta fries.  My night concluded at Coyote which I have always been a fan of.  I met a sous chef, years ago, while sitting at the hotel bar--i think the San Francisco that time around.  Ben and I met over a discussion regarding the best calamari.  He claimed to make the best calamari while I am loyal to solera (always), in Denver.  At any rate, I ended up dining at coyote cafe in an effort to see if his claim was true.  I didn't have calamari.  The fare was exquisite and I try to sample the latest creations whenever I am in town.  Ben, whose last name I cannot remember, moved four or five years ago to Las Cruces.  I believe he ended up in the south, somewhere, as he originally was from Louisiana.
Yes, travel is my reset.  It lets me be me, come away inspired, new, refreshed and able to work.  It's always a balance for me to find the best possible position that can sustain my need for travel.  Will a stable job be enough to enable this?
I am not ready to answer it yet.  I want to give it a fair shake.  I am committed to it.  I just get frustrated while dealing with the necessary changes.  I can say that my dad was over the moon.  I finally would have a "real" job according to him.
Life is funny.  I prefer being happy to the success that many people seek--stability, money, material goods.  I am much happier on the road or dreaming of my next venture.  Of course, food/wine are staples in my dream book, too.  I don't know where I will end up but I feel a new trip being thought up.  I know Las Vegas is the future as well as a return to Napa.  I convinced a few of my friends that we must (mandatory) sign up for the half marathon in July.  I am a fan of destination races, specifically the ones where wine is involved.  I am grateful that my friends agreed.
Enjoy the day.  I am rejuvenated and looking forward to the experience of my current journey.

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