Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How I spend my day off, sorta....

I was all over the place Tuesday.  One of my friends from Colorado considered joining me in Santa Fe for dinner.  Of course, I was excited about the prospect of either making dinner or supporting one of the local eateries.  I was leaning towards that direction.  I wanted to enjoy the day of gratitude a few days early since I will be working on Thursday.  I am grateful for the work and knowledge that I will be fed well prior to the shift.
Troy is a great friend of mine and flaky.  Several times in the past few years, we have had plans to meet for dinner and he has canceled.  The most recent disappointment was my August 28th dinner.  I made reservations and waited for the day to arrive.  About 10 am that morning, I receive a text that Troy's driver license is expired.  He is in the process of correcting it but since it is an expired AZ license and he is physically in Colorado, well, he has some red tape to deal with.  I knew  that he would not be joining me for dinner that night.
Or last night.  It was this sense that I got from the weekend.  I had a plan b and c set up if needed.  For sure, I was heading to ojo to soak.  That part of the day did not alter at all.  I knew that I wanted to soak and enjoy life pre-holiday.  There was a thought of returning to ABQ to attend a yoga class at a heated studio.  I had a 10 day pass to utilize.  Yet, I wasn't wowed by the class music or structure and driving an hour there and an hour back wasn't enticing.  Yoga was an afterthought.
My plan b and c involved meeting with a few ladies for happy hour.  Libby had agreed to meet me after her shift.  I was looking forward to meeting her somewhere downtown.  She contacted me to ask for a rain check early in the day.  She had plans to go to church with her mom.  I was a little surprised about that but agreed to meet her on Saturday.  Plan c was a meet up with a co-worker of mine.  It was a thought but I knew that we would not pursue it.   Teo lives south of the city and wanted to enjoy a day off at her house.
At any rate, I had to go into work at 4 to consult on the new cocktail list.  I had agreed to do that on my day off.  After soaking at Ojo and lunch with wine, I head into work, thinking, that I will leave by 5ish when the bar opens.  Of course, 4 o'clock comes and goes with me waiting for the gm to finish the paperwork from the day shift.  I look over the proposed cocktails and considered where I would be concluding my day.  At 5:15, the gm approaches me and says,"Can you change and work tonight?"  He was frantic and it is challenging to say no to someone in person.  I agree to help but tell him that I need to go home and get my pants and shoes.  He seemed frustrated that I didn't have my attire with me.  Yet, why would I?  It was my day off.
So, although the day began in a promising fashion--soak, wine--it concluded with a little bit of work.  Thankfully the guys working last night where kind and understanding that it was, in fact, my day off.  Some of my co-workers expect more from the back servers.  I didn't make one cappucino (thank god).  I was not looking forward to that at all.
Today, I have laundry to look forward to...yea~

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