Friday, March 13, 2015

Celebrating today

Happy Friday!  Thankfully, I have friends that enjoy dining out as much as I do.  There is a wine bar in Santa Fe that I have not checked out since moving here.  Years ago, I did have dinner there with Melody.  My only complaint at that time was that although there was a bar, there wasn't a bartender.  We had spotty service as a result.  I wanted to sit at the bar and they did accommodate that wish with a server who had a full section.  We were neglected or overlooked might be the better word.  More appropriate word.  Not neglected intentionally.  Just not a priority either.
Since then, thinking 2008 or 09, they have incorporated a bartender into the bar.  I am thrilled to be able to check out this space and especially today.  Specifically, I am toasting the life of a yoga master that I had met, once, last year.  Passionate man and left a mark on the community in Arizona for sure.  It is his birthday today and so I am celebrating his life.
Also, there was a celebration of life for another recently passed person this morning in Colorado.  Yesterday, I made some comment that I did not make an effort to attend the celebration.  Not true.  I had appointments in play before I heard the news about Marc.  Otherwise, I would have liked to have attended to remember Brian and be a presence of that for Marc's friends and family.  So, tonight, I will toast Marc's life, too.
And then there is the basketball factor.  I hope this wine bar has a tv.  My favorite time of year.  I can become intrigued in most games.  Well, not blow-outs or watching the #1 team perform.  Not that inspiring for me.  Sure, they are talented and deserve their ranking.  I prefer to watch teams that I am interested in is all.  Say rock chalk or I have respect for a certain team out of Arizona.
I am trying to do the ashtanga primary series without cheating.  I am improving on remembering the sequence.  However, I know that I continue to forget the full sequence of poses.  And, I try to skip through some of the poses that I have no love for.  I need to stop doing this and just embrace the challenge of it.  I think my flexibility is improving especially in the lotus position.  I have a long ways to go.
I am planning a return trip to Phoenix to do more yoga training and hopefully, heading to L.A. in May for the sole purpose of dining.  That and the beach.  My friend, Jonny, swears by Newport Beach.  It's been years since I have spent any time in L.A.  It keeps coming up in conversation and so I feel it is time to rectify this.  Of course, I do love San Fran and Paso.  Maybe I can swing a trip to one of those places too.  Wine friendly and inviting.
My mini proclaimed she is breaking up with doing things "someday".  I love her and I love this!  So true.  Why wait around for life to happen?  Why not make something happen?
Or travel. Or check out a new restaurant.  Do something unexpected.  In that spirit, I am off o celebrate life and maybe catch part of a basketball game.  I might switch things up and start with a cocktail tonight.  I feel saucy~

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