Saturday, March 14, 2015

random thoughts

Age.  Becoming older.  Trying to embrace it and not freak out.  When I turned 29, I had more anxiety then when I actually turned 30.  I remember thinking....what happens now?  I'm not married, I rent a cute house with one of my best friends and have no interest in settling down.
Fast forward 9 years and I am almost in the exact same spot.  Single, renting a great casita in Santa Fe and having a challenging time establishing roots.  I did manage a fantastic support system while in Denver and recognize that that is home to me.  Where I felt the most comfortable in my skin and where I have family that I chose to be in my life.
Santa Fe has been good to me.  I feel embraced, supported, cared for.  I have a lovely job and meet interesting people on a daily basis.  I feel more confident in the yoga scene and have made inroads with people that will become my family here.  I do like it.
I feel youthful.  Well, I did, til I went to get my hair cut the other day.  Couple of things...I arranged an appointment in Santa Fe and paid $75 for a hair cut.  I think he cut 3 inches of hair.  Seems insane as I am not in New York or L.A.  Of course he did a great job and I liked him.  I don't think that I liked him enough to spend that amount of money for a haircut.  Next time, I will return to Phoenix or drive to Denver to have this need met.
The guy asked me if I colored my hair.  I have.  But, it's been years.  Probably 2006 or 07.  I wanted lighter highlights and tried to add copper, too.  The blonde held but the copper was a complete wash.  I think the hue stayed until I washed my hair after each appointment.
My  natural color is back and it suits me.  His next question was,"How old are you?"  My response, "Melody and I are are the same age."  Melody has been going to this stylist for years.  He continues with well, I have only seen a few white hairs.  I thought, crap!  I am getting old.  WTF?
That is why he asked if I colored and if he could potentially, color away, the white hairs in the future.  Smart man.  I am not there yet, though.
One of my co-workers told me if I had had kids, I would already be gray or white haired.  Probably.  I enjoy being an aunt.  Keeps me honest and a full head of dirty blonde hair.  Haha.
For the first time in my life, I am experiencing allergies.  Wow, I do not wish this on anyone.  The juniper is killing me in New Mexico.  I finally broke down and consulted a homeopath  The constant itching/irritable eyes in making me crazy.  I am not in love with the sneezing or congestion either. But, the itchy eyes is what motivated me to find some sort of relief.  So far, I feel much better.
I love March, solely, for watching basketball.  I wish I knew other fanatics so that I could watch my game later.  I will probably head out to watch it since it isn't broadcast on the local station.  If only I had friends that loved this time of year like I do.
Enjoy your Saturday, your youth and living~

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