Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Where did last month go?

February came and went.  I just realized that I never managed to write about my travel during that month.  I had plenty of it, too.  Spent more time traveling than working as a matter of fact.  I was fortunate to attend yoga intensive weekends in Phoenix and the last five days of February in Austin with Shari and Jonny.  I can honestly say that I love Austin and feel foolish for neglecting to visit til just now.  What an amazing city.
I decided to stop complaining about yoga and the personal plateau I am experiencing from living in Santa Fe.  I opted to get certified.  I considered certification in Colorado, Albuquerque and realized that the style of teaching I love occurred in Phoenix.  Maybe I don't love the city of Phoenix, ad nauseum, but the yoga community there is pretty great.  Every teacher that I have liked all trained under the same studio.  Made sense to seek that out for my own personal development.  Fortunately, this studio offers an intensive four times a year.  And, February proved the ideal time to begin this adventure.
I learned, immediately, that my physical practice is solid. I thrived on the ashtanga led classes, arm balances/inversions and any hard core physical class.  I fidgeted during the restorative classes and lectures.  I recognized that I need to improve my understanding of sanskrit and be more in tune with saying the poses in the proper term.  I came home from the first weekend and felt excited about my decision. I could already see how my own practice was improving.  Two weeks later, I returned, sore, from all of the push-ups (chattarnagas) that occurred in a four day stretch.  A touch more confident with the sanskrit and the determination to seek out ashtanga in Santa Fe.  So far, that has not happened.  Mostly due to the fact that I have not sought it out too intensely.   A little distraction called Austin.
Now that I am back in Santa Fe for the month of March unless I get a crazy hair and head to Denver or Phoenix or San Diego (I do miss this city, in particular), well, I will be attempting to arrange ashtanga here.  I love being in Phoenix and doing yoga and seeing friends.  That, alone, is a distraction.  My first weekend, I definitely could have done more yoga.  Instead, I went to dinner with my cheese buyer friend, Justin.  I saw the Mini, Jan, Cale and a few other friends from work.  I visited my old boss and saw how they are developing a new restaurant in another neighborhood that will love the local bike friendly spot.
Busy with travel and hopeful to conclude my yoga teacher training.  I practiced yoga with Shari in Austin.  I was not in love with the scene there.  The music was awesome but the flow was simplistic and boring.  On the third day, we decided to practice at the house.  Jonny has a diverse music selection and I led us through a flow sequence.  A little challenging to lead and practice at the same time.  I feel my alignment is good and then I need to say commands and correct alignment.  I think, next time, I will not practice with her.  I will lead her through a sequence and see how that differs.
I am off to greet the day.  I have some letters to mail, yoga, a pedicure and dinner at a lovely foodie spot tonight with my friend, the sous chef.  I am looking forward to returning to this place as it has been too long.  Way overdue.  I actually have not dined here since moving to Santa Fe.  That will all be corrected tonight.

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