Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dinner and lazy day today

Tonight I am heading to a local spot to experience incredible fare.  I haven't dined here since moving here. I haven't really had the opportunity to do it.  Sure, last week was restaurant week, which would have been the ideal time to sample an assortment of their dishes.  I was out of town and that isn't all that appealing in all honesty.  It feels like dining out on valentine's day or nye.  You do it since everyone else is.
At any rate, I am excited for this evening.  I feel a touch under the weather and am determined to power through it.  I don't know who contracted the little cold, first, Shari, Jonny or me.  All I know is that we have all dealt with it in the last few days.
I am stubborn.  Made these reservations last week and am plan on enjoying dinner with someone that enjoys food like I do.  He isn't afraid to spend a little extra money for great food.  Instead, we reflect on the experience of what the food created.  That is optimal to me.  I am thankful that I have friends in many places that appreciate this style of dining.
We met at a watering hole for the end of happy hour.  I still had a little bit of a headache, but, again, I was determined to go to the dinner.  I powered through a margarita before heading to the restaurant for dinner.  We started with foie gras and a caesar salad.  Josh spoke to the chef and next thing I know, we have an appetizer of seafood placed in front of us.  Shrimp, tuna, and salmon.  We chose seabass and green chile mac and cheese for dinner. I enjoyed the food and the conversation.  Josh trusted me to choose the wine.  A sauvignon blanc and a cotes du rhone.  I was craving a nebbiolo but that was not an option.  I suppose I figured, I would not drink for a few days and so I should enjoy a delicious nebbiolo had it been available.  Next time.
I hope that we are able to check out a few additional restaurants in Santa Fe before season hits and our time off is limited.  It's always challenging to coordinate with people that you work with. Especially when you see them, daily, at work.  Sometimes it's nice to not talk about work.  Although, last night, I felt we did not talk about work much.  Thankfully!
I realized that I left my yoga mat at the studio when I drove us to the restaurant.  I prayed that it founds its way to lost and found and not into a new home.  That thought remained with me all night.  I dreamt of travel and food.  I woke up with the thought of where do I go next?
I managed to collect my mat before the noon class today.  I should have opted out of the class.  I could tell, almost instantly, that I was not in the right frame of mind to enjoy the class.  We took too much time in the opening by listening to the instructor speak and then chant. The music was too slow and folk like.  I struggled to stay especially after she revealed her sequence.  I just wasn't in it today.  I wanted my mind bent.
Oh well.  I will take a night off and enjoy a beautiful night of sleep.  I'm ready!

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