Sunday, November 22, 2015

Current physical annoyances

Downward spiral.  Everything started so innocent.  Work, drink wine, eat late, drink more wine and eventually go to bed around 2 or 3.  Wake up at 7, maybe 8.  Repeat. 
Repeat with yoga (obviously as I have been neglecting the run factor due to weather, laziness and now, a cold.  Hence the spiral comment).  I started sneezing about Wednesday and thought I could fight the cold off.  I would drink more water, sleep, and begin the initial ways to stave off a cold.  Swallowing garlic, more water, olive leaf pills.  I managed to pick up some of those and an alternate to emergen C to see how it would work.  I thought I was doing all of the right things.  I worked Friday night and when I returned home chose to drink whiskey.  Sure fire way to kill any cold left in my body or so I told myself as I drank a manhattan.  And it was delicious.  I stayed up late and woke up at 7.  Feeling off.  Immediately, I knew something was not right in my equilibrium.  A touch hungover and coffee did not taste all that great.  Obviously something was not right about that.  Typically I wake, daily, and make coffee or buy an Americano to start my day off right.
I called Sara to mention that running would not be available to me as a cold was settling into my body.  I hated to do this but felt postponing the run would be preferable to antagonizing my throat.  She agreed to go for a walk instead.  We discussed our upcoming trip to Key West and how we needed to figure out lodging and a flight.  Flights to Key West in January are not reasonable.  Either time wise, money or both.  I have little interest in flying to Orlando.  Then to Miami and eventually land in Key West which was one of the proposed itineraries.  We are still trying to decide the best route to Key West.
As my afternoon progressed, it became more difficult to speak.  I bought some vitamin C lozenges and cough drops.  I was armed and equipped to fully battle this cold.  I inhaled hot water with lemon and honey and waited to be sent home from work.  I thought I could manage the evening until it became increasingly difficult to speak.  I was losing my voice and knew I sounded like shit.  People's reactions to me were all similar.  I tried to not talk but that didn't really work out very well.  Eventually my shift came to a close and so I picked up Epsom salt to take a bath, local honey and hoped to find chicken noodle soup.  No such luck on that.  However, the bath helped as did the honey for tea at home.  My friend made me spicy soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Hit the spot.  I tried to stay up but knew my body wanted to rest. 
I have experienced laryngitis on one other occasion in my life.  I think back to the contributing factors of how that occurred.  While living in Phoenix and hoping to open a restaurant.  Lots of work, little time to do yoga and/or run, eating sporadically and not the most healthy, drinking and sacrificing sleep.  I remember working that first week and suddenly not being able to speak.  The owner looked at me and said--Why do you sound like such shit?  Go Home!
I think it took a few days to recover.  Rest.  Kindness.  No wine.
I googled symptoms and how to combat the laryngitis.  Avoid spicy food (I ate spicy soup last night and it was delicious).  Avoid coffee.  Well that is not going to happen.  I am drinking coffee currently.  Avoid alcohol.  Yea, I can do that.  Rest.  Absolutely determined to rest.
In addition to the not being able to speak thing, I have a phlegmy congested nose and slight cough.  Awesome.  Happy Sunday to me.
I am going to my aunts in a bit to realign my chakras and have some meridian work done. I am on the fence about how to spend the rest of my day.  I see rest involved and little talking.  Which is challenging! 
I recognize that I need to take better care of myself in terms of sleep, rest, hydration (essential) and working out.  I get in a routine of what seems decent until I completely shut down.  I think my immune system tried to rebel until it broke.  Laryngitis definitely side lined me.  I just want to sleep and eat soup.  Or take many many naps to counter the late nights and wine inspired conversations.
I will recover and feel better. Just a reminder to take care of myself.  I think of the shoulder injury which interrupted my yoga practice for almost a week.  Everything is related.  It's just about how you look at it.
Today, I will rest.  Drink lots of water and take care of myself.  Everything else will work itself out!

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