Monday, November 23, 2015

more yoga woes

I sought out a power vinyasa class this afternoon.  Ironically, there was one at 4:30 which worked with my schedule and happened to be at the one location I had not checked out. Determined to go, I armed myself with my mat, towel, water bottle and extra hand towel to use for the rush of sweat I was sure to achieve from the power class.  I was hoping that the studio would offer a heated class.  They do.  Just not the power class that I chose to attend.
Gorgeous inviting studio with a parking lot.  A first for this franchise, I think.  I have fought for parking spots in Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, RiNo and the Hilltop area.  For some reason, they secured a studio with ample parking on Broadway.  For that I was grateful.  The locker rooms were clean and spacious.  Comfortable and the room, itself, was large.  Probably could hold up to 60 students easily.  I think there were 9 people in my class. Maybe ten.  We were all pretty spread out around the room.  It reminded me of a ballroom.  I could see dancing being taught in that room.  Or perhaps I am projecting what I would like to do next.  I saw a dance studio, somewhere today.  I think dance class is on my mind.
I digress.  The room was not heated and had a slight chill to it.  I took my jacket off to acclimate to the environment.  However, I still yearned for a heated class.  I know there are yoga studios that offer heated vinyasa flow in Denver.  I used to frequent one of them when I lived here the first time.  In addition, I have a friend that opened a studio here in Littleton that is based out of Phoenix.  I know that that particular studio is super hot.  My only concern is the location.  It is not very close to me at all.
There was music.  Albeit not what I wanted to listen to, but music helped.  I have not found anything remotely like I experienced in Phoenix or even the crappy covers that this chick used to play in Santa Fe.  I might actually contend that I would take a cover song over the elevator style that seems to be occurring in Denver.  When I see power yoga, I think many sun salutations, chatarangas and warrior poses.  Not an upward facing bow within the first fifteen minutes of class.  The instructor was fancy with her Sanskrit but it came across as elitist and unfeeling.  I want to be challenged not talked down to.  And I am sure that that was not her intention.  It's just how it came across.  I wasn't feeling her vibe and found myself being more resistant to the following postures.  When we finally got to the middle of the class (what I normally love), I was not warm enough to be adequately doing warrior C.  There had not been enough build up in the warm up portion of the class.  It was a disappointment.  I have one more class before my introductory pass expires.  Thankfully, it will be with my friend that I know her class is challenging.
I like the idea of this studio and the vibe of most of the locations.  A parking solution or alternative would be a welcome idea as well as ramping up what their idea of a power class is.  I will continue to scout out my options here.  There are many more studios to consider before committing to a membership.  I hope to return to ashtanga too.  My shoulder continues to irk me which is limiting my ability to fully commit to a mysore practice.  I recognize that I get a lot of benefit out of a daily ashtanga practice.  Strengthening and building endurance.  I had crazy ability before I arrived in Denver.  Mostly due to the practice I had in Santa Fe, discovering mysore and completing my teacher training where the majority of classes were physical that I attended.  I must return to that style of practice.  No more simple vinyasa classes where music is not offered and chatarangas are few. 
Tomorrow I will go to a class and then for a run.  The half marathon will not run itself.  And in my experience with Sara Jo, specifically, we must have a foundation to run the thirteen miles.  I have run two half marathons with her where I did not train.  I paid for it both times.  Never again...

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