Monday, November 16, 2015

living life, fully, every day

Life is short.  As previously discussed in my world, it is something that I recognize from direct experience with it.  When my world changed in an instant, I chose to alter my life.  I chose travel.  Something that I am passionate about.  No longer would I wait to go experience other countries for when it appeared fiscally sound for me.  No, I would make it a priority to travel as my reality could change at any point.
When I get in a rut, or routine, of negative thinking or pattern building I am reminded of how short life is by seeing someone I know experiencing a loss or dying themselves.  I don't need a reminder.  I know how life can change in an instant.  This past spring an old boss went running with his wife and collapsed.  I found out about this from social media and reached out to people that were associated with Marc.  Since he was Brian's boss, as well as mine for a time, all of the emotions of losing Brian came back. I remember Marc speaking at the celebration life, how he helped spearhead a scholarship foundation on Brian's behalf and how much he loved his kids.  My heart ached for my loss and then, too, for his wife.  I was familiar with what her new journey would look like.  Hers differed from mine as she had kids to be strong for.  Hearing of Marc's loss motivated me to remember to be happy and fully engaged in my life.
The most recent reminder of how essential it is to experience life is a classmate of mine.  We had not spoken, in person, since the early 90's.  We were friends on social media and caught up, that way, seven or eight years ago.  I would see snippets of her life in my news feed and enjoyed the photos of her family.  I saw her family grow to four children and she appeared very happy in her life. 
I remember Lacey, most, from attending a baseball game with her when I was ten years old.  Her parents took us to Kansas City to watch a Royals/Rangers game.  I was so excited.  Her parents treated us to hot dogs, sodas, cotton candy.  We drove back to Salina and I was dropped off at my house later than anticipated.  My mom grounded me.  I remember that part, too.  Being in trouble and not caring since the baseball game was epic.  They lost but everything else about it was fantastic.  Seeing part of a city and feeling the energy of the stadium.
After college, I bolted from Kansas and hopped around the southwest (where I am still).  I like the desert and I love city life.  While in Phoenix, I worked in a bar where baseball was followed and I found myself needing to pay attention to what was going on.  Granted, this was in the early 2000's when Arizona was in the pennant race and won the world series.  I do enjoy watching the diamondbacks as well as the rockies.  I have spent ten years in Denver which would explain why I follow them.  Being a Kansas girl, at heart, I watched the Royals, too.  There was interest in their standings, over the years, and then, excitement in the last few years as they have emerged as contenders and champions this year.  After they won the series, I reached out to Lacey as she was one of the first people I thought of.  I knew she loved the Royals from attending that game with her as well as seeing her posts on face book.  One of her daughters is named after a previous player.  Lacey loved the Royals and was a true fan through the lean years she remained hopeful that they would turn it around. 
I posted something on her wall about the championship win and she responded.  I felt nostalgic of my childhood and glad that I had the opportunity to reach out to her.  Five days later, I saw a post that shocked me.  People were posting RIP on her wall and I was confused until I looked into it more.  A week ago she was visiting her father in law with her husband and was hit by a car.  Just like that, her world changed.  I called my sister, Michaela, in shock, to relate the news.  She spoke to my sister, Jade, and my mom found out and called me the following day.  She wanted to know if I would make it back for the funeral and if I would not be able to, if she should go in my place.  I asked her to attend and reach out to Lacey's family on my behalf.  It is tragic.  Beyond tragic what happened and for no reason.  I am thankful that I had the opportunity to communicate with her and that she responded.  I am greatly saddened by what happened.  She was a spunky girl and I am sure a vibrant, beautiful adult who loved life and all of those people in her world. 
I am grateful to my mom who went to the wake and expressed gratitude for the girl that I knew to her family.  I am thankful that I wanted to contact Lacey after the Royal's victory.  Take time to say what you mean to people who are important to you.  Be kind, everyday, and enjoy your life.  Celebrate, discover, explore, eat, travel, drink wine--do what makes you thrive!  And love those around you.
I hope your week begins on a high note.  I have yoga and a new perspective of life.  I choose being present and happy.

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