Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving plans

Today is the day to go grocery shopping.  Not tomorrow and definitely not Thursday.  In all honesty, I probably should have went yesterday.  Possibly the best option of a quick in and out experience, complete with parking and little to no perceived stress. I remember working retail and how the week ramped up in intensity as the holiday neared.  We were a new location and so people came as lookie-loos as well as dedicated shoppers.  There was even a protest the evening before Thanksgiving that was memorable.  Loud, in your face and I watched the management scramble trying to get a handle on the situation that was taking place in the meat department.  I was safe in specialty talking about wine.  It was an interesting day that is for sure.
I have little interest in attempting to shop tomorrow.  I despise dealing with crammed parking lots.  That is really what I loathe about the shopping experience.  That, and the check out lines.  Typically, I know what I want/need to purchase and my intention is to be as efficient about achieving it as possible.  Even if I attempt to go at a reasonable time, there will still be obstacles to overcome.  Of course, there will be a stop to stock up on wine.  I am bringing wine to my aunt's house and cheese for savory dessert.  I was given the option of choosing what I wanted to bring and that made the most sense.  I can assemble a nice cheese tray for an appetizer and/or dessert.  I think I prefer the dessert course to offset some of the sweeter options.  They always offer coffee at my aunt's and it is perfect.  I know that I will enjoy my holiday there.
My plan is to arrive at my aunt's house, mid afternoon.  I can help with whatever is left of the set up and relax.  I have spent numerous Thanksgivings with her family and so I know it is always full of food, conversation and kindness.  Exactly what I am looking for this year.  And, since I am skipping the set up--cleaning, prepping, cooking--I will help with the clean up. Seems to be what I do at every function.  My role in the family gathering as a child was always the dishes and it has continued through adulthood.
Last year, I worked.  It wasn't really an option to not work and I was grateful to be productive.  I had recently moved to Santa Fe and so my friends mostly all worked with me. I did not have a bunch of offers to choose from in terms of how I wanted to spend it.  Everyone boasted of how great of an experience it would be. They fed us, prior to the shift and then we settled in to creating a memorable experience for the guest.  And it was.  If I were spending a holiday in Santa Fe, I would want to spend it in a gorgeous restaurant where I knew the food would elevate the entire dining experience.  As well as knowing that I would not have to clean anything up.  Hello, gratitude!
That was last year.  This year, I am incredibly grateful to not be working.  I texted a few of my friends from my previous job and told them how happy I was to not be working.  They concurred.  I have had a few offers of how to spend it--with family in Omaha, with family here or with friends.  I have friends dining out (and I know this is a welcome option to many as I just pointed out.  I get it.  It's awesome to not worry about the cleaning, prepping, cooking, clean up associated with entertaining).  I considered heading to Omaha to spend Thanksgiving there.  That was until I got a job and it became a moot point.  Sure, I could have flown to Omaha earlier this week and planned on returning on Thursday had I known my schedule a month ago.  I thought I would be working on Wednesday night which would limit my options.  My dad was not thrilled when I called to decline on his offer of spending the holiday there.  Timing would not allow it. 
Sara Jo will be celebrating in Fort Collins with her brother and Maghan is working at the airport.  After his shift concludes, I plan on celebrating the holiday with him.  He is indecisive on what he would like to do.  Steak dinner, go out, or have a few of his colleagues over.  That was new to me and I can roll with whatever he chooses to do.  Although, I would prefer the going out option or steak dinner.  I can drink wine. 
I do enjoy this holiday.  Mostly due to the food, conversation and wine.  I know that I will immensely enjoy it this year.  Cheers!

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