Friday, December 11, 2015

being happy and making choices to achieve it

Gorgeous day to do something different.  I woke up and considered running.  The half marathon is in five weeks.  Although the training has not been stellar (I think we missed three weeks at some point due to family, sickness and lack of desire).  We returned to the plan and I believe we will be fine.  Maybe not P.R.  However, we can at least finish without a bunch of soreness.  I think of the last two half marathons that I have run with Sara Jo. Let's just say....we could have definitely benefitted from more training in those events.  This time, we are going to finish and finish strong.
So I went for a mock run.  Yes, I can say it.  I had thoughts of running for a half hour and then got side tracked due to what I need to do.  My friend is suffering from irritation on his pancreas.  Instead of going for a run, I ran to the nearest market to purchase lemon zinger and some other desired items for his recovery.  I had wanted to make lunch for both of us.  He is on the B.R.A.T. diet for the next few days.  I opted to roast eggplant.  I had picked up eggplant on a recent market trip. Sorta impulsive and sort of with intention.  I felt confident that I could make a delicious pasta lunch. 
This decision morphed into entirely something different.  I purchased mint, tomatoes, feta cheese and added onion, capers and already made angel hair pasta.  The dish I hoped to make was a non bread bruschetta.  Think, using the eggplant as a hearty base and be healthy.  I considered my options and chose to incorporate leftovers into this dish.  It worked very well and I remembered how underutilized eggplant is.  Silly.  What a great vegetable. 
Also, made me think of the where I am and where I want to be.  It's true.  I was committed to returning to Denver.  And, in all actuality, it's only been six weeks.  I cannot expect miracles to happen in that time.  The miracle, was choosing to return home.  And how I have been embraced.  Employment, shelter and spending time with friends.  I am blessed.  Even if I find the yoga scene challenging.  It's just another reminder that I can create a niche here for me.  I think I have two definite private clients beginning in the new year.  I want to expand and build on that.  In addition, I want to cook more and enjoy life.  I am capable of feeding others and I enjoy cooking.  I love entertaining.  Why not incorporate more of that into my daily life?
In the last four months, I know of three people who have experienced life changing events.  One had MRSA, another has aggressive cancer and last week, my friend in Phoenix experienced a massive heart attack.  I am most concerned with the latter as it is debilitating on his work and life in general.  I have known this man since 99. He's always lived the champagne life on a ramen budget.  A few years ago he went in for a check up and it was noted that he needed to make adjustments to his diet.  Out of anything, he was felt he was middle-aged.  That scared him.  We laughed about it while hiking Echo and planned another hike the following week.
And he did make adjustments to his diet.  However, he has always thrived on stress/drama.  I think it got the best of him.  He has a full schedule of being a teacher, pursuing his PhD and dating a partner that is in NYC.  Stress.  Yes, there is a ton of it in his life.
How can I help?  Well, of course, I will send him some money to help him in this moment of recovery.  I will send him kindness, love and peaceful thoughts.  If needed, I would fly down there to help him.  He's been a great friend to me. 
I work in an hour.  It is a gorgeous day.  If anything, I would love to go to matthew winters park with a bottle of wine.  Toast life, Brian and how thankful I am for today.  It is a lovely day.  Another reminder to enjoy it to the fullest!
My making of lunch helped achieve that.  Now, I will enjoy the remainder of my free time.  Maybe grab a coffee pre-work.  Think about what I can create tomorrow for a joyful lunch.

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