Wednesday, December 30, 2015

best experiences of 2015

Making the decision to return home.  Ultimately the best decision/experience of this year.  Choosing to come home brought about multiple visits and spending time with friends.  None of which I could repeat.  From hiking at Matthew Winters Park with Shari in August.  We brought a bottle of wine to share while celebrating Brian's life.
Dinner with Tiffany, Dan, Shari and Warrior Prince.  New nickname which I will unveil eventually.  Delightful conversation, incredible food and wine. 
Spending time with Brandon at the parlor.  He and I have been friends since 99.  Through ups and downs of life, we have remained close friends and always managed a great coffee or dining experience.  Recently, he relocated to the West Valley and so meeting closer to him made my day.  I love that particular restaurant and met him in spite of my commute.
Completing yoga certification.  Finally.  No more complaining about crappy yoga.  I can devise my own version of crappy yoga, haha.  Not really.  I attended a class yesterday where the girl paid homage to the lineage of ashtanga and how she taught her classes, loosely, on that sequence.  It was just that.  A loose interpretation.  Her counting drove me crazy.  She would talk us into the shape, describe it, and then start counting.  After I had been in the posture for 2-3 breath cycles.  She would begin at one and go from there.  Craziness!
Introducing Cody and Justin to the amazing meatball sandwich in Phoenix.  They both seemed surprised at the awesomeness of this sandwich.  We all met while working retail and have remained friends based on our respective love of travel and/or food. 
Finding my voice when frustrated with service.  Instead of doing the cowardly thing and anonymously griping about it afterwards, I have confronted the situation head on and tried to receive a positive solution.  For instance, today, I called a company to relay my most recent experience and the displeasure associated with it.  The guy argued with me which further incited my frustration with the situation.  Again, I could enter a website and discuss my unhappiness or I can write a letter directly to them.  That is what I am doing.  I am beyond irritated but unwilling to not sign my name to it. 
Spending time with the Mini in Santa Fe.  She called me on a Friday to see if I would have lunch with her on Saturday.  WHAT?  How could this be possible?  Well, she was moving to Denver and Santa Fe was on the way. I always enjoy my time with Kristina.  She has unique ideas and a zest for life. 
Relocating to Denver.  I do miss aspects of Santa Fe and have many people I call friends there now.  I don't regret moving there.  It got me closer to home.  And, I chose to be here now.
As I ponder the upcoming year, I also think of the lesson of returning.  What it means for me and what I can do with the knowledge.  Being okay with being exactly where I am. 
I am so looking forward to what 2016 has to offer.  Potential, possibility, opportunity.  All of things I invite into my life.  I wish you the same.  Health, wealth and happiness~

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