Thursday, December 31, 2015

last thoughts

I have a yoga class and a brief run in my future today.  Yesterday, I went to a spin class and ran into Brie and then went running with Sara Jo.  Our half marathon is in a little over two weeks.  It is time to buckle down and commit to the training.  Hence the spin/run combo yesterday as well as the treadmill/yoga class today. 
Last night, I felt ease while running.  I have gotten over that hump of dread when thinking of running.  I suppose I should commit to another event this year to build on my desire to return to running.  I don't know if I will accomplish another marathon.  A half is manageable and something I would like to entertain.  And adding running to the regimen of yoga is giving me more time to reflect and create.  Moreover, meeting people seems to occur when running.  I think of how I met the Goddess while training for my first race and how that ended.  A life long friend.
Reflecting on 2015....well, it started in Santa Fe and concluded in Denver.  Many trips to Phoenix and Denver while figuring out how to make the move.  As you can see, I do enjoy the southwest immensely.  Any time I have considered moving to California or Oregon, I find myself wanting to stay exactly where I am.  In the southwest. 
I met some fantastic people in each place.  I can say that I have some lifelong friends from retail employment, yoga training and service industry.  I thought I would make it back to Santa Fe before the end of the year.  My friend, Libby, will be relocating to Hawaii soon and I had hoped to see her before her departure.  We met in Phoenix and bonded in Santa Fe.  It was easy as we both were new to the city.  She enjoys wine ( a must in my world to become friendly).  We enjoyed numerous lunches and coffee dates before I moved to Denver.
I must make an attempt to visit soon.  I had more success with visiting friends in Phoenix.  Of course, it's an easy decision to make.  Quick flight.  Yoga that I love and many friends that I can visit.  And the hiking.  Ample hiking that I love and look forward to. 
Returning to Denver has provided many opportunities to think about what it is I want to be doing.  It's all a process.  Choosing to be here and creating my niche.  Thankfully, I have a support network and place to build from.  Yoga has been moderately frustrating as noted in some posts and will continue to be so.  Each city offers a different mindset when it comes to what it promotes.  If only, I could transport the awesomeness of Phoenix and kindness of Santa Fe to Denver.  That would be pretty great.  Although, I know there is more to discover in Denver.  I have been a little impatient.  I want a studio that has everything that I want, immediately.  I don't want to have to wait.  Yet, what fun would it be if there were not roadblocks?  It is all a journey.
I am excited to be embarking on 2016.  I feel it will be epic.  I see travel and abundant productivity in my future.  Lots of fulfilling work and establishing connections.  Cultivating friendships while loving life.  Why wouldn't I be excited for the new year?
Cheers to 2015 and bidding it adieu!  Celebrate, enjoy and taste life, always~

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