Monday, December 14, 2015

Key West past and future

Brian loved Christmas.  Every year he would shower me with gifts since this was his preferred holiday.  Even more than his birthday.  My birthday is my cherished holiday.  I love bringing the cupcakes, as Lindsay would say.  Haha.
I began traveling to spend Christmas as a way to escape my sadness.  One year I was in Australia.  A few others in Las Vegas, San Diego and in 2010, I spent the holiday in Key West.  Magical.  I flew through Miami on a red eye and arrived, weary, the following morning.  I figured I could ask the hotel for an early check in.  The worst they could do was say no.  I walked off the tarmac and into a blissful moment.  It was beautiful.  I was surrounded by beauty and extremely thankful for the decision I made to spend xmas there. 
That had been my second trip to Key West.  As a 20-year old, I drove from Miami with an ex-boyfriend.  Gorgeous drive there and terrible return. Being stuck in a car with someone you no longer like is not fun.  At any rate, it was a nice time while in Key West.
Next month, Sara and I are running a half marathon there.  We opted to arrange a vacation rental instead of a hotel.  Seemed like the best option and suitable to our travel needs.  I know there are spectacular restaurants and bars to check out.  And the Cuban coffee scene is amazing.  I will have to check out a few of the additional places that are in Key West.  I found one attached to a Laundromat and frequented it, daily.  Yes, it was that good.
I am excited to be on a beach.  Maybe go snorkeling.  Last time I went scuba diving which was troubling.  I was a solo diver on an outing.  I had not really bonded with any of the other divers and the water was choppy.  Probably my least favorite dive of all times.  I hope to never have a repeat of that experience.  The crew was kind of dicks about it, too. 
I am dreaming of pina coladas, sand and sunshine.  What are you thinking about today? 

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