Monday, February 15, 2016

issues and thoughts

And I'm off...Saturday to Vietnam.  Cannot wait.  I have a list of things that I must do before leaving the country.  Compile a list of addresses to send postcards, photocopy my passport, communicate with Jean since I have a layover in Seattle both directions and would be able to see her (hopefully), update my phone coverage, visit some friends and restaurants in my departure tour.  Yes, I can be morose. I have had this feeling accompany me when I went sky diving, left the country for six months, visited the country south of Key West, etc.  It's like I want to revisit all of the great spots to ensure that I have lived a full life.  I don't know. It's how I have always been. 
My yoga pass expires on the 18th.  Perfect timing.  I can return from my trip and make a decision as to where I would like to attend classes. As previously noted, I am not in love with the yoga here.  There are many studios and they offer aspects that I enjoy.  If only they could all come together into one space offering challenging classes, compassionate instructors, a welcoming attitude.  The music, in general, is terrible.  I attended a handful of classes that I would consider passable in that realm.  Overall, I do not think that will improve.  It is either acoustic, folk, yoga inspired (not what I want to listen to ever) or shitty music.  I think I might be returning to ashtanga where no music is involved.  It is a spiritual, physical work out that I like. I know that I have strengthened my practice from attending this class.
I have an appointment to see my massage therapist today as well as a light yoga class.  I think it is labeled healing yoga.  My focus has been more of this type of inspiration from my accident last Sunday.  My body is still out of sorts/alignment and I am frustrated. I do not enjoy feeling achy, sick, tired, uninspired.  Then my aunt's car was stolen from her job last week.  It has been a challenging week of loss and trying to understand why things happen.  I am fortunate that I keep in contact with previous mechanics.  Immediately, I contacted the guys in Denver to update them on my circumstances and see if they had any vehicles available for sale.  And, I contacted my guy in Santa Fe to see if he could help me with the estimate that I would receive for what Veronica was worth.  Kurt has always been approachable and kind.  I felt confident with his assessment and understood that he had spent more time with my car in the last year.  He does have a vehicle for sale that I am interested in .  All this means is that I will be visiting Santa Fe again and soon.  Another dip at Ojo, see friends (hopefully) and purchase a new car. 
I am okay and recognize that I will be fine.  Travel always puts things in perspective.  I should find my neck rest and my passport holder.  Fun day of tearing about my boxes to ensure peaceful travel to southeast Asia.  Thankfully, I will see some friends this week before my departure.  It's all the process that I feel comfortable with and helps me be accountable.  I am weird, maybe.  Makes sense to me at any rate.
More healing, kind thoughts and peaceful vibes.  Happy Monday!

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