Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February

Snow Day.  The sky is pink and it keeps coming down.  Started out slow and has been consistent all day.  Only motivated to enjoy some vodka and binge watch friday night lights.  What a great show.  I have seen it before but it's been awhile.  It was either this or the wire.  I can completely get sucked into that show.  So good.  Perfect way to spend a snowy Monday.
I was a little productive.  Put together my resume, made grilled cheese sandwiches for the warrior prince and attended yoga.  Ironically, I didn't think yoga would happen.  I drove to the studio and the door was locked.  It is a satellite of the main location and so there is not a receptionist on site.  I waited in the snow and contemplated what to do.  Eventually, I opted to call and see if there were plans to hold the class due to the snow factor.  The girl I spoke to seemed unaware of the schedule.  I mentioned that I was locked out of the back entrance and she responded that I could walk to the front.  Sure, since that would make a huge difference as no one was at the studio. 
I thought about returning to the house and doing a sequence from ashtanga.  I didn't want to wake anyone up and so I waited.  The instructor showed up and I attended his class. People at the studio keep raving about this guy.  Yea, he speaks Sanskrit and the sequence was hard as we held postures for a  smidge too long.  Of course, he played the typical terrible yoga music.  As we held some of the warrior postures, I became frustrated.  Crappy music and I wanted more movement.  Still it was a nice class and I am thankful that I attended it.  I just needed to clear my head, a little.
Tomorrow, I am uncertain of which class to attend.  And, I am supposed to teach a small class to some friends.  Weather dependent of course.  I am excited to teach and see where it leads.  The space that my friend found is gorgeous.  Hardwood floors and mirrors. It's absolutely lovely.  If not tomorrow, then next week, for sure.  My friend already reached out to me to suggest canceling due to snow.  I love that she is a realist like me.
I have plans to go to Santa Fe on Wednesday.  This is also weather dependent.  I intend to drive down, see friends and rejuvenate.  I could use a little reset on my perspective and desires.  Travel remains center first and foremost.  Then productivity, work and cultivating friendships.  Vietnam is in 18 days.  Lots of time to reflect and choose what works for me.  And the time is going to fly.  I know that for a fact.  I can fill my days with yoga, reading and taking small steps towards what I want to achieve.  It will fly by.
Tonight is more reflection, gratitude and another reminder to find my voice.  There is always that.

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