Tuesday, February 16, 2016

thoughts on tuesday

Another day.  Another adjustment.  Each day I get better and my black eye dissolves.  Still it is a task and although I am improving it is not the same as going to get an adjustment just to get adjusted.  It takes effort.  I see Thai massage in my future while visiting southeast Asia.  And yoga.  Even if it is me leading a sequence to myself and Shari.  I believe that will happen soon.
I started to pack and feel that I will be purchasing items while abroad.  I am unwilling to check a bag as is Shari.  We both feel certain that we would be able to pack ample clothing into one carry on bag for three weeks.  Shari and I are like-minded.  We can sustain on one pair of jeans, shoes, a dress and a couple tops.  I despise having to carry a large bag to accommodate my needs.  I am a moderate type of traveler.  I can always purchase stuff along the way.
I am recognizing that my shoes are an issue.  I have a pair of sneakers that will work.  That is about it.  I have a pair of used sandals that gave me shin splints while in Key West.  I have a pair of chaco's that are okay but super ugly.  And, I want to say that I have gotten blisters from them while they have been in my care.  Moreover, there is a pair of crazy expensive sandals that broke six months after purchase.  I tried to wear them again.  I am unwilling to throw them out.  Yet, I know that it is a moot effort.  My right foot was in such pain after wearing these shoes that I had to tape my feet to retain structure.  I know that these shoes are not an option.  I will take the sneakers, the chaco's and possibly the shin splint driven shoes.  I can always get rid of them while traveling.
Tomorrow, I will meet the Goddess for coffee, attend a yoga class followed by nidra to heal and eventually dinner with my friend, Andy.  He contacted me the other day and mentioned wanting to catch up before I head out of the country.  Thankfully, Andy is a foodie and not afraid to spend money on an experience.  We have a few ideas of where we want to dine.  I think downtown will be the destination.
I see more passport photos in my future and a stop by the bank.  To enter Cambodia and Laos, we need an additional photo for the visa application.  I will be sporting a black eye due to the car accident.  I had hoped to avoid calling more attention to my eye but seems like more photos will be in my future. 
I will see sara Jo and the goddess before I take off.  Seattle Jean is meeting Shari and I are the airport in Seattle for brunch and I will make dinner for the warrior prince.  He's always ensuring that I am properly fed. It's the least I can do.
I am excited for the trip and a little nervous.  That flight to Seoul is going to be long and arduous.  And, I am unable to take pills as they tend to have the adverse effect on me.  Instead of calming me down, my heart break speeds up.  Failing to calm.  I will charge my ipod and hope for the best.  WIne will be involved, too.  I definitely know that will occur while flying.
Enjoy the rest of your night.  I am off to pack, ponder and reflect~

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