Friday, July 1, 2016

more thoughts on yoga, barre and DIY projects

I did make it to the Barre class this morning.  I drove up and waited for the instructor to arrive and unlock the establishment.  Waiting in my car, I thought about what would happen if she didn't show up. Would I be credited a class?  How long should I wait? 
She arrived 8 minutes before the class was to start which is fine.  I prefer having a little more downtime prior to working out.  You know?  Stretch, settle, maybe use the facility.  There were ten other ladies in the class of all shapes and sizes.  I do like that about Barre class.  It inspires all to participate and feel the burn.  Atypical of this location, the girl only wanted us to grab a ball and two blocks.  It seems that the majority of instructors like props to use during the class.  Most of them require a strap, weights and the exercise ball.  It is a bit much and I tend to not like to have to put everything away when finished.  That becomes annoying.  Especially if I want to bolt from the class before it is over.  I don't feel right leaving the props for someone else to put away. 
We started and the music seemed okay.  Midway through the class I was hating the music and the sequence.  The beats were not matching up with her reps and I was getting irritated.  Now I know so I will probably add her to the list of instructors that I avoid.  She wasn't terrible and I felt a semi-burn but it wasn't enough.
I spoke to Taylor, the Goddess, Matt (my current massage therapist), Sara and a few others about the prospect of me teaching yoga.  Matt was surprised that I was certified.  Somehow he never heard me say that.  He seemed excited to do yoga with me.  I have an idea that perhaps we could trade or something and both benefit from the arrangement.  We will see.
I am excited to be doing more of that--teaching and seeing how my style develops.  I get distracted by everything that I want to do.  More chatarangas.  Detoxing twists.  More flow sequences.  I didn't time it and so I really don't know how long Brie and I practiced.  I would have liked to have put in a few head stands or even crows.  I like arm balancing.  I ran out of time though since I was distracted by what I wanted to do.  I believe it will be different every day as not everyone is at the same level.  And I am inspired to change it up.  Who wants to teach the same class every single day?  That is definitely not for me.
Gorgeous day to sleep in.  Wow, I am inspired to stay inside and plot my dresser project.  I think it will take me a little bit of time to do it.  I think it is manageable and something that I would like to try.  I have photos, so many, from my adventures.  Most remain boxed up or in albums which have been packed away.  My memories are my most prized possession.  I think it will be fun to display them on furniture.  I think it will be pretty amazing.  If not, lesson learned.
I have been dreaming of odd things lately.  I woke up to remnants of coke on a table.  I don't know what I am dreaming about cocaine.  I have never tried it nor do I want to.  Maybe someone close to me is doing it.  I don't know?  What does it mean?
I am off to work.  Excited to run into this couple from NYC that I met yesterday at a local brewery.  I walked there after shopping at a market.  I love being in a situation where I can walk to a market, coffee shop, brewery.  This brewery was packed, hosting a fundraiser that helps a women's shelter.  Great cause and many people had shown up in support of it. The couple next to me won note cards which motivated me to talk to them.  They love visiting Denver and have been here the last three summers.  They fly out today and so I suggested stopping by where I will be working today.  I hope they do.  I recommended a few restaurants that they should check out on their last night.  We'll see.

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