Sunday, July 31, 2016

Thinking of my present

New day.  New possibilities.  Tomorrow begins a new week.  I will be organizing yoga dates and meeting friends for dinner.  There is a happy hour I might go.  Depends on who else is going.  My friend that arranged it is great and I enjoy spending time with her.  However, some of her friends.  Well, not people I want to spend my free time with.  I am sure that I can figure something else out.
I am wrapping up my insurance claim, I hope.  The chiropractor/massage combination has been extremely helpful in the healing process.  I feel better and the pain is lessening. 
I am ready to incorporate more of a group type of teaching.  I want to try that out and see how I do.  I will continue to seek out friends and their acquaintances as a way to ease into full time teaching.  I feel better when I do it and am maybe more connections. I am thankful to be back in Denver and creating a home here.  It's different as time changes things.  I know this and am not surprised.  I still have a strong network of friends and family.  The first eight months I was a little distracted.  Things happened--accident, finding a new car, working bull shit jobs, leaving bullshit jobs, travel, more travel, making others a priority and delaying the inevitable.  That I want to be teaching yoga. 
I am here now and ready.  Finally.  And thankful that I chose to be in Denver.  I met with a friend the other night that mentioned wanting to relocate in the next year.  She feels done with being here.  I didn't really comment on her speech. I don't feel the same way.  I love it here.  Always have.  Easy to travel out of.  Great restaurants, bars, healthy vibe....home, for me.  They say that like attracts like.  I think about what I have been thinking about.  Better yet.  What I am thinking about now and how that is illustrated in my encounters.  I see how I was in a fog when I first arrived.  It was easier to fall back into what was comfortable as opposed to broadening my horizon.  Cliché.  Sure.  I know.  And true.  There were some new arenas that I flirted with as well.  I do not regret that time or how it brought me to where I am now. Only perhaps I could have distanced myself sooner and found a way to start teaching.  Having the confidence to try something new.  Why is it so difficult to leave our comfort zones?  I think about wanting to write some of my life and experiences.  Believe me, I have an interesting tale and yet continue to censor myself when it comes to this area of my life.  I either take breaks from the blog or feel uninspired when I do try to relay some of the information.  The teaching is helping and I am saving money by not attending studios for the time being.  I would like to begin compensation for teaching.  I will soon.  Still deciding what to charge and how to make it a frequent occurrence.  It will come.  I feel it.
There is an abundance of work and creating connections there too.  I have experienced some repeat clientele and am happy.  I see more possibility in the next week.
I will be tackling my DIY project.  I keep looking at it and rearranging the photo montage.  I add photos and subtract from what I have set up.  I want it to be an honest reflection of people in my life.  A good representation of the people I call friends even if I am distanced from some of them currently.  At the time a memory was created.  That remains important.
I am off to greet the day before heading to work.  I will teach Sara Jo later.  I will consider a new flow and how to sequence it.  I am excited!

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