Saturday, July 30, 2016


Returned home.  Finally.  Enjoyed a solid three days off.  Not going to lie.  Absolutely loved it.  The first day, I was semi-domestic (laundry) and moved back into my apartment.  The toilet was fixed, tile grouted and sink put back together.  I met Tiffany and Dan for happy hour which benefitted a cause before enjoying a lovely dinner at a great spot.
Thursday, I was adjusted, massaged and met a friend from high school for happy hour.  We met at a spot that hosts multiple shops, restaurants and bars.  Pretty cool to bar hop within it.  I had arranged a meet with Matt to teach yoga on Thursday morning.  I thought about canceling it myself.  I returned home that morning to sweep, clean and reorganize.  My apartment was left dirty.  I was surprised, moderately, that the workers felt confident in leaving my place worse than they found it.  Seriously.  How difficult would it have been to sweep and put everything back in its place? 
I didn't mention that to my landlady on Friday. Instead, I continued to be reasonable.  I wanted her to pro-rate my rent.  When I approached her about it, she was hesitant.  Mentioned wanting to talk to her insurer before making any arrangements with me.  Keep in my mind, though.  Legally, I could have went to a hotel, ordered room service and billed her.  I pay a fair amount of rent and that translates to basic needs being met.  Not using a porta potty to urinate.  That really bothered me.  Similar to giving me a colostomy bag.  Not a solution or option.
Friday was about taking care of that and ensuring a peaceful return to domestic life.  I am reasonable.  I want what is fair. Initially on Friday, I taught yoga then dealt with domestic b.s.  Followed by a barre class where I established another contact.  I want to make a legitimate go of health and fitness.  After meeting with Matt on Friday and teaching him my style of yoga, I know that I am ready to do this full time.  I am stoked.  He gave me the best compliment.  Told me my adjustments were killer and I was intuitive on how to do it. As well as, why wasn't I already teaching?
So in the next month, I am going to decide where I want to end up.  I am telling friends and family of my desires.  I want to teach and continue as a student. I do love that. 
I signed up for a half in Key West.  Take two.  It will be lovely this time. 
I consider my future and where I would like to travel. Columbia?  Spain?  Morocco?
I really am being guided by what feels right. I feel a change is occurring.  Transition.  I feel it.  See it. Breathe it. 
I am in a better place in my present than I have been in awhile.  I recognize how imperative it is make connections.  That is what I like and where I shine.  I forgot that when I first returned home.  I forgot that I am so happy when I am cultivating relationships.  I will build on it.
So yea, currently, I am happy.  Seeing where I am and where I would like to be.  Dining out, drinking wine, seeing friends.  I am one fortunate girl!

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