Wednesday, July 27, 2016

the current state of affairs

Still at Sara's house.  My toilet remains packaged outside my place.  There has been progress and so I am hopeful. Of course there has been other chaos in light of my plumbing issue.  An apartment flooded on the garden level.  My sink is also torn apart.  Etc....I believe there is more and sort of tuned it out.  I only want my bathroom fixed so that I can return home.
Sara has been a generous and gracious hostess.  Always.  I am ready to be in my routine again.  You know?  Wake up, coffee, yoga/barre/spin, work, glass of wine.  Repeat.  Of course, I can do this at Sara's house but I feel more comfortable in my own space.  Soon.  It will happen.
I have a few days off.  Must buy groceries, toiletries, wine for Sara.  Schedule some yoga and perhaps do a few exercise classes.  I was scheduled four shifts this week and considered heading back to Santa Fe to visit friends or go elsewhere.  That always seems to be my way.  Days off translates to wanting to go somewhere else to see friends or clear my mind.  Comfort zone.  This go around I will stay in Denver and figure out my housing situation.  I might be overly domestic the next few days.  There is the dresser with the DIY idea.  I could tackle that.  Or pick up my plants and make space for them in my place.  I suppose it all hinges on being able to use my toilet and sink. If that is still not functioning, I will not be returning home.  Seems shortsighted to be there when I do not have full use of the indoor plumbing. 
I called one of my college friends to inform her of my current situation.  We lived in Mexico for two months.  I know she has experienced malfunctioning toilets in her life.  Actually, I took a trip to Seattle a few years back to take care of her.  She had a minor surgery done and needed a little help with her recovery.  I told her that I would fly out and clean, cook, whatever.....keep her supplied with wine.  I mentioned that I wasn't too keen on being a nurse maid. 
While at her house, I was doing laundry and her toilet backed up while the machine was in its cycle.  I knew what this meant since had experienced a similar situation in Denver.  She needed a new septic pump.  Her landlady made her wait all day to check out the situation.  Meanwhile we were frequenting grocery stores and convenience markets to use a facility.  Yea, she understands the irritation of having a nonfunctional toilet.
Supposedly, it should be fixed by today as well as the sink and repainted.  We shall see.  I am hopeful that I will be back in my own bed tonight.

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