Friday, July 22, 2016

Travel, toilet issues and yoga.....all feels familiar

Spent a few days in Kansas.  Quick, quick trip.  I woke up at 4 on Wednesday to ensure an arrival time of noon.  I knew that the time change would add more time and I had a lunch date with Carol to make.
I had coffee prepped, showered, grabbed my bag and took off.  I did watch a little more of the wire before departing.  Figure I had plenty of time to head out.  I exited onto 1-70.  Set cruise control and drove about a mile before being forced to stop.  Trying to be patient I kept changing the station.  I thought the traffic had bottle necked.  That happens sometimes.  I'm still sitting there twenty minutes later with no opening in sight.  I cannot see what is delaying traffic and I start to get frustrated.  Eventually, I google traffic in Denver and see that there is an accident that shut down 70 about two miles from where I am sitting.  Crap.  I am irritated and considering options.  I start my way over to the exit and plan my escape route.  Ironically, the exit is right where the rollover occurred.  So, I exit to flip around and re-enter 1-70 an hour after I started.  Basically, waking up at 4 did nothing for me.  I would arrive at 1 instead of noon.
It's been awhile since I have driven east to Kansas.  There are some improvements along the way.  More service stations offering items.  Yet, it still feels empty til Hays, if not, Salina.  I rolled through Salina about 12:30 and headed to Lindsborg.  I picked Carol up from her residence and drove to the downtown area to have lunch at one of the local spots.  It was so nice to see her and catch up.  Carol was my first boss.  Her and her husband owned a gift shop in Salina where first my mom worked.  Then, my older sister.  Then me.  They employed me all through high school.  I learned a lot about customer service from her.  We have kept in contact to some degree since then.
After lunch, I drove to Manhattan and stopped at a local brewery.  I have never spent much time in Manhattan since I went to school in Lawrence.  Lawrence is a lovely college town.  I became an adult there.  I love visiting Lawrence.  For the first time, ever, I saw the beauty of Manhattan.  Lively, with options and services.  We made dinner at Jasmin's house and I spent the evening with her, her boyfriend and daughter.  So much fun.  I had forgotten how humid/miserable it can be in the summer.  Thankfully, Jasmin had multiple fans to ease some of the heat. 
I woke up yesterday and we dressed quickly to head out.  Jasmin had an appointment and then gave me a facial before I drove back to Denver.  That was the best thing ever.  Currently I do not have a regular stylist for facials.  I need to figure that out.
Driving back west, I had some issues after I arrived in Hays.  Boredom.  Some traffic.  More semi's and when would I make it back to Denver?  Seemed like it took forever.  My landlady called me to let me know that the plumber would be entering my apartment and was I there?  Honestly, I was irritated that she didn't give me any notice and then felt agitated when I called her out on it.  Yes, I agree.  The issue needs to be addressed and should be.  However, it is her responsibility to contact me when she talks to the plumber to arrange a good time for me. 
Instead, the plumber entered my apartment and found that the issue was much larger than anticipated.  They would need a day and a half to two days to fix the toilet.  She chose to let them leave my apartment without a functioning toilet.  She advised me that I could use her place, one of my neighbor's places or a chamber pot.  WTF?  Am I living in the 1900's?
I am trying to make the best of it and not freak out.  I want the issue fixed as it seems to be recurring from before I moved in.  It should have been addressed prior to my moving in.  I work the next few days and so am not that concerned with using a working toilet.  Just irritated and think this can only happen to me.
When I was staying with Maghan, he had issues with his toilet.  The water constantly ran.  So, he turned it off and made due for when I was there.  He contacted his landlord, reluctantly (finally) to see what could be done.  Three times the plumber came and three times within a day the water was back to nonstop running.  It appeared easier to just turn it off.  And seeing what I am dealing with, currently, I would agree.  I should have just continued to plunge every third day.  The squeaky wheel does not always get lubed in a good way.
I have been doing more one on one privates practicing my teaching style.  I think it is coming along.  I hope to increase the frequency and maybe even have more than one person at a time.  We'll see.
I am thankful for my friends, family and abundance.  Spending time with Emma was delightful.  She is a hoot.  I hope to drive out again for a longer time.  Til later, cheers!

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