Wednesday, July 4, 2018

mini trip and delights in my city

Quick trip to Santa Fe.
Impulsive and lovely.  I was given a few additional days off and thought--what is the best way to spend them?  I could study for my new job, secure future yoga clients or travel.  Travel won.  I am uncertain of how much opportunity I will have in the next few months.  Plus, I contacted Melody to see if she would be available to go to Ojo Caliente early this week.  Almost immediately, she responded that she was able to go to the hot springs on Monday.  I had to go!
And, I could bring my study items with me and study there.  Why not take another mini trip this week?  I looked into yoga and barre classes.  My favorite class is a TRX driven barre class.  The owner of a studio offers the ultimate class with music that speaks to me and a killer workout.  Unfortunately, that class was not offered at a convenient time for me.
I secured a rental through Airbnb and contacted friends.  I wanted to see Lawrence, explore Ojo and see Libby.  I knew from social media that Teo was traveling in Europe and so I didn't even mention that I would be in town to her.  It was a fast trip, too fast.  My drive down on Sunday was uninterrupted.  It was easy and breezy.  Yesterday, I was fine until I made it to the Springs.  Suddenly, I was trapped in a parking lot.  It took almost two hours to get home.  I was super irritated!  There were no accidents to disrupt my drive.  Just terrible driving.  I don't understand why people do not signal or see how their inattentiveness is an issue.  I almost hit a guy when I returned to Denver who blatantly pulled out inches in front of my car.  No indication that he had seen me or anything.  In his own zone and I could have destroyed his vehicle.  Instead, I let him in after cursing him.  It is too much effort to hit someone who cannot drive.  I seriously could have hit him and not felt bad at all.  Only bad for how it would inconvenience me!  Insurance, paperwork, tickets, follow up.  It is a racket!
I returned home and had just enough time to walk to Cherry Creek to meet up with two of my girlfriends.  We had planned a ladies night with wine.  I suggested the spot and it worked well for us.  We sampled mussels, a green salad with shrimp, steak and fries.  My friends shared a cheese board which I abstained from.  I'm still holding to the no excessive dairy in my diet.  I do enjoy half and half and will not give that up until I find an adequate alternative.  I have tried soy, almond, rice and coconut.  I just don't think I can do it!
So, my friends enjoyed the cheese board and I sampled more of the shrimp that was placed on the mixed green salad.  I love a solid mustard vinaigrette which was highlighted on the salad.  I had maybe 2 ounces of the steak.  It was good.  I am trying to minimize my intake of red meat.  The previous night, I ate beef carpaccio which was amazing.  I preferred to focus on the French fries, lol.
We did try sautéed spinach and garlic.
Of course, we enjoyed wine.  It flowed as it always does.  Last night, we tried a bone dry rose and finished with a Bordeaux.  I will return to the eatery for wine and stick to solid favorites that never disappoint.  I think the mussels can be inconsistent but the fries and the salads seem to be spot on.
I am heading to Spokane, Washington tomorrow.  Continuing my week of travel, study and yoga. I taught two students this morning and have one tomorrow morning before I head west.  It will be a productive day and rest of week.

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