Sunday, July 29, 2018

travel and yoga research

The last two days have been lovely in Denver.  Overcast, temperatures that are moderate and pedestrian friendly.  I love it!
I worked last night after a day of playing hooky.  I ran into an old friend and we had lunch at a Thai spot, followed by a quick margarita at another spot along the Fax.  I enjoy exploring my neighborhood when I have the opportunity.  There are a few spots that have been opened in the last two months that are amazing.  I need to return to see of what they have to offer.  I reached out to Sara Jo to see if she was interested in meeting me for happy hour.  She has yet to respond.  I know that she is in the middle of her evaluations and that it is a tricky time for her.  My other client, Rachel, is in town and I considered asking her to join me for happy hour.  However, I know that she has family obligations and I don't want to distract her from that.  She mentioned an early dinner with her cousin and uncle.  I was hoping she could join me for happy hour.  Maybe a beverage or two?  
Spending time with my friend was wonderful.  I have missed him and the ease that occurs between us.  I appreciate his love of food and how we have traveled together in the past.  The last trip to Chicago was pretty amazing.  I asked if he would consider returning there to explore the food scene.  His response--I want to go to D.C.
I don't know.  I have been pretty lazy in general today.  I sequenced out my next few sessions with my clients and considered where I could do some research and development to enhance my practice.  I see a trip to Seattle in my near future.  I have not done yoga there and would be interested to see what they are offering.  I loved discovering the yoga scene in Minneapolis.  I still remember how incredible I felt after that class.  Heart Yoga studio is legit.  I wish I had had more time to attend two additional classes.  It is a heated studio that offers ridiculous power driven vinyasa flows.  I loved it!The class in D.C. was good, too.  Overpriced which I didn't appreciate.  And, it was a heated studio that did not offer showers.  That was surprising and actually gross.  Jennifer and I had walked the majority of the way to the studio with visions of thrift store shopping on the way back to Cap Hill.  Instead, we were sweaty and sticky.  They definitely need to add a shower stall or two in my opinion.
Of course, I love yoga in Arizona and should return to see some of what my favorite instructors are doing.  I am always inspired by that particular community.  I think Jan might enjoy a visit from me, too.
My friend, Danielle, is having a baby shower in a few weeks.  I would love to support her.  She was once my boss in Santa Fe for about six weeks.  Over that course of time, we became friends and kept in contact when she relocated to Kentucky.  Eventually, she returned to New Mexico and even spent a few months in Denver where we went to coffee, lunch and did yoga together.  Her partner lives in Taos and so she kept being drawn back to New Mexico.  We met for yoga and she informed me of her exciting news.  She was pregnant and would be returning to Taos.  Her shower is on a Saturday which I normally do not work.  I close Friday nights and work Sunday evening.  So, there is a window of opportunity to attend the shower.  If I get out at a decent time on Friday, I might just do it.  I could wake up early and drive south.  I hesitate since I would want to go to Ojo Caliente.  Is there a way to achieve that goal in a day?
I should greet the day.  I have three yoga sessions to guide which is the most I have done in a day so far.  We shall see how my chatarangas hold up.  Until then, cheers!

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