Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Back to the grind also known as reality.  Less travel.  More working and productivity.  I am to the other side of training and will hopefully be working live in the next four days.  Cannot wait!  I have continued to teach yoga and expand my clientele.  I have a client returning to visit her uncle in two weeks.  Rachel lives in California and she texted me last night to arrange two sessions with me while she is in town.  I love that.  I should get my website up and running to increase my legitimacy.  I told her we would do a yoga session and follow with brunch.  If Rachel lived in Denver, we would be friends for sure.  I met her while at a happy hour about six weeks. ago.  Random conversation that led to her becoming a client.  I love that!
I am still nursing my ankle and it seems to be improving.  I think I will be purchasing a new brace that will provide more stability.  I believe I will be sporting a brace for the next month, at least.  Then I can attempt a pedicure and/or massage.  Desperately, I need a pedicure but I don't think I can handle one right now.  Maybe a specific calf massage?  Something to release some of the built up fascia that is trying to protect my ankle.  I know it is getting better and I feel that I am improving daily. I am ready to be to the other side of it still.  Much easier to function in my daily life.
This month has been pathetic in my yoga practice at my studio.  Ankle injury has limited my ability to attend classes.  Yet, I have been teaching and participating with my clients. I suppose I could suck it up and attend a class.  Maybe even check out a new studio.  There is a place in RiNo that is doing some great vinyasa power classes it seems.  I would prefer having that aspect into my daily practice.  I sequenced a class for my client today which involved a very active class.  She arrived a little under the weather and so I had to back off my original class to accommodate her.  She powered through and we were able to establish a physical class.  I added some balancing postures and changed it up a bit.  I think she was a little irritated with me for that.  We get stuck in what we think we should be doing and have difficulty performing when it doesn't coincide with what we think.  I told Alexis we would continue to expand our postures and begin to build more foundations of balance and stability.
Next week, I have six or seven sessions.  It will be a busy week!
I continue to dream of travel and how to make it a reality.  Seattle keeps popping up in my dreams and Paso Robles.  Wine country always inspires travel.  Paso is a must do and it has been five years since my last visit.  I wish it were easier to travel to instead of a connection or two plus renting a car.  There are wineries around Seattle which would satisfy that goal, too.  Syrah and merlot could be in my near future.  I have a friend that I could stay with and explore the area and food scene.
The quickest option would be Santa Fe which is about five hours south or heading east to visit my sister in Kansas.  I seem to visit Santa Fe every few months and so I could expand my travel repertoire this year.  The weather is an issue and the amount of time in the car.  Definitely seven hours and I might have two days off in a row.  I am still waiting to hear about my confirmed schedule.  Jasmin sent me a photo of the kids last night and I would love to go visit them.  They are growing up too fast!
The next three days will be long.  I am ready to be to the other side of this.  My aunt will be here this weekend and I am hoping that we can chit chat over brunch Sunday. It all remains to be seen how our schedules coincide and shake out.
Yoga in an hour and getting up to greet the day.  Happy Thursday!

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