Monday, July 30, 2018

ankle woes and thoughts of travel

Ankle injuries are tedious.  I have been nursing it and applying tons of TLC to ensure a quick recovery.  Last night, I aggravated something and this morning woke up to a slight swelling of purple.  I am annoyed!  Back to a cycle of ice, compression, elevation.  I am thankful for the next two days so that I can attempt to equalize my ankle.  It is getting better and I will continue to heal.
One of my clients arrived at my house yesterday to do a yoga session with me.  She had her ankle wrapped and an abrasion on her other knee.  Everything I had prepared for our session I needed to change.  We wouldn't be able to put pressure on her right knee.  I told her we would refocus on efforts on upper body and some seated postures.  It worked and I was thankful she didn't cancel.  I told her that I did yoga about three days after jacking up my ankle.  I knew it can be done.
I had another session planned after Georgette where my client did not show up.  I gave her ten minutes before reaching out and then another eight before canceling the session.  She was very apologetic and offered to give me money for my time which I appreciated.  I did plan a sequence and had my time available to her.  Today, I have one client this evening.  I still need to plan out the sequence so I am considering a wine lunch to square my week away. It gives me time to see what is out there in terms of the restaurant scene in Denver and also to plan upcoming yoga sessions.  I get distracted at home and so having a neutral space enables more productivity. Wine helps, too.
I keep seeing ads about California.  The wine region, specifically. I think a trip to the Central Coast will be in my near future.  I have an idea of whom I will be traveling with as well.  I have not figured out, exactly when, but it is going to happen.  Paso Robles or Lodi.  I have not visited that area and so I am interested in exploring that region. I love Paso and have spent a few weekends there.  Granted it has been a few years and a return there would be wonderful.  Getting to Paso is a little more challenging than Lodi.  I could fly to Sacramento and drive there.  I believe there are direct flights from Denver and so it is manageable.  Getting to Paso is more complicated.  There is a connecting flight involved or a considerable amount of driving from L.A. or San Fran.  Spending a weekend there would not be enough.  I would want a minimum of four days which at this point, I do not know if that is possible due to work schedules.  I am trying to build up some good will with my co-workers which takes a little bit of time.  I want to be available to them to cover their shifts so that they will have no issue covering mine when I need some coverage.  Time heals everything, right?
I will be resting my ankle and reading.  I still have that stack of books from Chad that I need to minimize.  I would like to maybe go shopping, too.  It would be nice to extend my wardrobe.  I will need some more dresses for my upcoming travel.
I think I should perhaps get a massage to see if I can release some of that tension in my calves.  I don't know.  We will see.  I am open to trying anything at this point to relieve some of the ankle irritation.
Until later, enjoy your day!  I am off to begin it!

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