Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dreaming of.....

Gloomy day in Phoenix and I am dreaming of the beach.  A year ago, I was in Rocky Point, on this exact stretch of beach.  Enjoying a glorious walk of solitude.  Lovely.
I do like gloomy days.  I am inspired to run at any point of today.  However, I am dreaming of the beach and hope to plan an excursion soon.  San Diego, Mexico or elsewhere. 
Gotta happen soon.
My dad will be visiting me this week and I am ecstatic.  Spring training games, hiking and of course the food factor.  I look forward to treating my dad to a few incredible meals around the Valley.  I am still a little undecided as to where to take him to enjoy steak.  I miss an eatery in Denver that always provides true happiness/bliss when it comes to the factor of steak.
Also, Tiffany and Dan will be in town to spectate a few games, too.  I look forward to visiting with them and showing them my idea of a good time in Phoenix.  Work has been accomodating to my schedule changes as well.  I feel fortunate to be where I am at. 
Yes, I am dreaming of walking on a beach.  This gloomy, overcast weather motivates me to make more coffee and lounge.  Still, there is basketball to watch, laundry to do and of course, the upcoming afternoon run that is in my sights.  I have been a complete slacker in that arena.  If only, the goddess could join me on a run.
Nevertheless, enjoy your day and be inspired~

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