Saturday, March 31, 2012

LIfe lessons

Woke up this morning and had no plans.  Considered yoga, but opted for a strength training video.  Thought about doing laundry and reconsidered.  That can wait til tomorrow. 
Thought about sleeping. That would have been awesome.  Settled for pedicure with wine option. 
Initially, thought, no drinking today.  I have been woozy which is annoyingly unsettling (to me).  However, it is my only day off and I do love a wine lunch.  Oh, and pedicure.  Absolutely adore that factor.  I know of a place, near work, which would enable me to stop into work and pick up my check.
Still, I hesitated.  Sleep sounded awesome.  I knew of a basketball that I had to watch (later) and so I could have taken a nice nap.  Yet, I wanted the pedicure.
I departed and headed towards the nail salon.  Of course, being Saturday, meant, it was busy.  I am semi-regular and so they got me in and made sure my needs were met.  I had a leisurely, delightful, experience while reading magazines.  Hour long delicious experience.
An article caught my eye.  Celebrities answering the question of what they would tell their younger selves.  Some said--wear sunblock, everyday.
Laugh.  Laugh, a lot. 
Don't be so concerned with what others think.
Tip.  Tip generously.  It will mean so much more to the person  you tip than to yoruself.  I loved that quote.
They questioned Joan Rivers, Fergie, and others.  Sort of resonated with me, I suppose.  What would I tell my younger self?
Wear sunblock in your 20's.  Quit being so sun obsessed.  Now, I swear by sunblock.  Drink a ton of water, get facials and try to be healthy.  I don't strive to have raisin like skin if you know what I am saying.
I would smile more.  Just last night, one of my bosses commented--wow, look at how much effort it took to smile.  I have always been this way.  I am a perfectionist at work and it's hard to let go of some of that control.  I wish I could just talk to customers and not worry about making other drinks.  I can't though.  I am non-stop movement.  I should stop though and smile more.  I have gotten better about talking to people and learning about their daily lives.
I would laugh and not be so serious.
Take risks with cycling and other sports that I am unacccustomed to performing.  Have you found yourself not attempting something in order to not appear foolish?  I have, for sure.  Maybe not a daily basis, but often.   On a side note, I did arrange a fitting on Wednesday.  Hopefully, I will be up and cycling in a week.
Mostly, I would live in the moment.  It took me a long time to understand that and how important it is.
I would have found facials/pedicures in my early 20's, too.  They are magnificent. 
I think, too, I would have learned to say thank you when complimented as well as thank you to others.  It is nice to hear when a job is done well.  I would have found joy in daily life.  There is a girl, I know, that everytime, I see her, she only has negative things to say.  I find myself going out of my way to avoid her. I feel sorry for her as I recognize others exhibiting similar avoidance strategies when dealing iwth her. 
Love, laugh, smile...Just be.  Be what you want to be.  Find your passion.  Pursue Joy and happiness. Doesn't that sound dreamy?
Basketball awaits.  Oh, and I did manage to enjoy a few glasses of wine, at lunch, without incident.  I think my vertigo is caused by stress, lack of sleep and dehydration.  Nice combo?!?

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