Friday, March 9, 2012

San Diego, briefly

I cannot believe that I have managed to postpone updating the San Diego adventure.  Work took over--I suppose.
Quickly, the food factor was amazing.  There were several highlights of that arena while dining in San Diego.  Twice we tried Italian fare.  Delicious.  Ironically, both establishments presented a few pet peeves to shine through.  The first place was in Pacific Beach.  Small, intimate and without bar seating.  I knew this from a previous visit where I was unable to check out the eatery due to that fact.  And, my dining companion was sick.  I do not enjoy sitting at a table, solo.  So, I checked out a tapas place instead. 
Regardless, Shari and I approached the restaurant and asked for a table for two.  The hostess seated us right by the kitchen and adjacent to the bathroom.  Plus, it was a slender table and neither us of wanted to remain seated there.  Shari asked the server if we could be relocated and the hostess said, no.  The other tables were reserved.
We were annoyed but we stayed and had an incredible meal.  Let me just comment on the fact that the other tables were never seated.  The hostess just did not want to accomodate us.
The other obvious pet peeve was addressed at another italian eatery.  Newer, in Little Italy, and we found it while checking out the Gaslamp District.  Upon walking in we opted to choose a booth in the main dining area.  Chose a wine to complement two appetizers.  While choosing the food, I noticed the music.  50's music was playing.  It seemed out of place for the vibe of the restaurant.  Initially, I suffered through it.  Then, I started to loathe the music.  I asked the server who was in charge of the music and she told me the manager.
Twenty minutes later, I asked to see the menu again.  I was interested in another dish and possibly another glass of wine.  I mentioned that to the server and that I would love it if the music could be changed.  I had had enough of the be bop a lula.
The manager came by the table and said--sorry, girls....this is sort of my thing.
WOW!  I couldn't believe it.
The server came by and asked us what we would like to order.  I asked for the check and told her what the manager had said.  We paid and I went to the bathroom before heading back to Mission Beach.  While in the bathroom, they changed the music.  However, it was too long and I was over it.  The princple of the situation deemed that we leave.  I was shocked that they wouldn't change the music and I wasn't unreasonable with asking or demanding that they change it to what I wanted to listen to.  That wasn't the case.  I just wanted something besides 50's music.  All that inspired was a shake or burger.  It did not inspire wine imbibing.
Of course, there was more incredible fare, wine and the beach.  I think that was my favorite thing of the entire adventure.  We walked around Ocean Beach.  Very inviting and peaceful.  I wish we had had more time to reflect there.  Magnificent.

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