Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Thursday~

Happy Thursday!  Early morning, for sure.  I closed last night and had previously arranged to have my car serviced, first thing, this morning.  Sort of a murphy's law type of situation.  I told myself that the appointment would be fine since I would have ample sleep.  Funny how I was busy til 2.  I think I went to bed at 3 and was up by 5:45 to ensure that I would make it to the said appointment. 
Still, it is a beautiful day and now this task is almost completed.  Next focus, yoga, or some sort of physical activity.  Work beckons later.  Until then I will spend the day in whatever fashion I choose.  All because I got the oil change out of the way. 
Oil change seems simple enough.  But, I take it to my mechanics (whom I adore).  I would love them more if they were closer to my house instead of a hike away.  I feel fortunate to have found them.  I keep hoping to thank my neighbor for the suggestion.  One day, I saw a volvo parked in a driveway of one of my neighbors.  I accosted him with questions about where he had his car serviced and he was kind enough to accomodate.  Not only that, he gave me a business card and his information to use him as a reference when I called to set up the initial appointment.  This man was a true gem.  Really.  He is just never home when I walk by.
Anyways, paid for oil change and drove home.  I had about 45 minutes before yoga would start.  Instead of waiting for the noon class, I decided to check out another style class.  It is an hour and twenty minutes long.  I have went one other time. I remembered that this class definitely fills up and so I questioned whether or not I should go.  I opted to try it out.  I arrived and noted the amount of shoes scattered outside of the classroom.  I headed into the studio and almost walked into one of my bar customers.  Actually, it's the guy that referred this place to me.  We awkwardly said hello and went to our respective mats.  I thought Mike only went to the class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Likewise, I think he was surprised to see me in a different association.  Typically, fully clothed.  Right, I wear jeans, daily, now.  Not to mention the amount of sweat we both knew we would be emitting.  Hot yoga tends to do that.
I did enjoy the class.  It is a blend of flow and held poses.  The instructor's style was soothing and tough.  She had a nice, calm voice, and led the transitions well.  Sme of her music was lame but I can overlook that.  I really did benefit from this class.  Afterwards, I ran into Mike outside of the studio and again, at the local market. We exchanged pleasantries, initially, and then later I inquired into whether or not he was a runner.  I would love to find another running partner.  Unfortunately, he no longer runs.  He does hike.  I can work with that.
Back to yoga, I think it might be the new mid-week class for me.  Plus, I still have an entire afternoon to nap if need be unlike my typical yoga class.  I would be done by 1, need to shower, return home, hopefully crash for thirty minutes and be ready for work.  However, it is March Madness.  I will be watching basketball instead of napping.
Lovely day.  I feel inspired to be healthy and fully enjoy life.  Happy Thursday!!!

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