Saturday, March 10, 2012

Italian fare

Homemade burrata with proscuitto wrapped crostini over heirloom tomatoes. Fig jam and honey accompany this delightful dish.  I found this eatery while searching for spots in Pacific Beach in early February.  I wanted to check it out but they didn't offer bar seating.  Instead, I went to a tapas place and had a subpar meal and lackluster wine service.  Nevertheless, Shari and I found this neighborhood gem and started the night with this appetizer.

After the burrata, we considered trying meatballs or trying an entree.  The server guided us to the grilled vegetable tray.  Perfect for following the cheese course.  I forgot to mention that when we sat down they brought us bread and olive oil. The olive oil was delicious and I had to stop myself for inhaling the bread course.

This is how happy, I was, after the meal.  The only drawback of the night was our table.  We asked to be moved and the hostess informed us that all of the other tables were spoken for.  Funny, we sat there, ordered food and watched as the tables remained unseated. 

Illustration of the best sandwich ever.  Shari and I stumbled into this eatery in Little Italy on a rainy Monday.  We enjoyed a glass of wine and this combination--bread, truffle oil, & egg over asparagus.  Truly delightful.  Only hiccup here was the obnoxious 50's music and the unwilling manager who chose to keep playing it.  It was really that horrible.  Instead of staying for another glass of wine and possible other appetizer we returned to Mission Beach.  Downpour rain while sitting in the hot tub and smuggling wine into the pool area.  Something about no glassware in the pool.  Of course, we actually got busted on that point.

Shari looks happy.  First night in San Diego after lovely meal. 

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