Friday, March 30, 2012

recent occurrences

Happy Friday.  Woke up and felt a little woozy.  Hoping that it is related to my sleep schedule as of late and not something more serious.  For example, I went to yoga on Wednesday.  I placed my mat in the spot that I prefer and decided to lay down and stretch.  I almost passed out.  I felt vertigo--I think.  It was so unsettling that I left the class and rushed home.  I showered and again, almost passed out, when I flipped my hair back.  I laid down to hopefully find equilibrium and a few hours later felt more normal. 
Until today, that is.  I woke up and felt woozy again.  I am skipping yoga as I don't want to repeat that sequence of drive there, sign in, and rush out.  I think a run is more welcome for Friday.  Yoga can wait til tomorrow.  Either going to the studio or helping a friend begin his practice.  We'll see.
Life is grand.  Full of possibility and travel, too.  My dad visited me last week which was excellent.  We went to a few spring training games and he met some of my friends while dining out around the valley.  I enjoyed being able to show him my idea of Phoenix.  Of course, I wish we had incorporated hiking, a day trip and maybe some resort stay.  This summer I must befriend someone with a pool.  I cannot have a repeat of last summer.  Being miserable due to the intense heat and without relief.  Yes a pool will be a huge improvement to dealing with the brutal summer. 
Tiffany and Dan were down as well.  They arranged to go to several spring training games while in Arizona and met up with my dad and I on Thursday night. We barhopped.  It was awesome.  The only glitch was a surly bartender at one of my favorite restaurants.  I chose this place for dessert.  We walked in and the bartender told us to sit at a table.  His mistake.  Tiffany generously tipped the server to let the bartender know what a jackass he had been.  Dessert was fine.  We tried a few of their offerings and I wasn't wowed by any of them.  Still, I adore their fare and will return soon.  If the tattooed bartender is working; well, I will opt for a table.  Yes, he left that lasting an impression.
I have decided to take a mini-break from wine, too.  I think my sleep will improve if I detox for a few days.  Being woozy is not what I consider fun or inviting. 
Tomorrow there is an epic basketball game to watch.  Thankfully, I am not working and so I can focuse completely on the game.  And, yes, I will more than likely be watching the game at home.  Being out in a public place and wanting to watch the game, uninterrupted, is nearly impossible.  Last Friday, this little german lady started yapping at me.  Initially, we were up by six and so I felt, at ease.  Then, after her rant, I realized we were only up by one and I said--quit talking at me...i am trying to watch this game.  I know, not that classy, but honest nonetheless.
Regardless, I am in a good place and tomorrow should be a fantastic game.  Looking forward to spending the weekend in that way.  Hope you enjoy yours....

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