Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I returned to yoga as it was making me crazy to not be able to work out.  I could not help it.  I'm stubborn and I told myself that I would back off any pose that felt uncomfortable.  I went six days without yoga and chose today to return.  I like the instructor that teaches on Wednesdays and so I knew the class would be awesome.
What I didn't take into account was the music selection.  Over the last few months this teacher has felt a sense of traditional music.  Translation--the music sucks.  Right away, I knew that I had made a mistake.  I couldn't zone out as the music was terrible.  Then, I thought about injuring my gracilis further due to being annoyed with the music.  Forty-five minutes later and finally she played something upbeat and current.  I managed to stay the entire hour without incident and I daydreamed about travel, music and running.  I bought new shoes yesterday.  Thought it might inspire me actually to get up and go.  It is a must get up early type of activity.  I think it 87 by 8:30 a.m. typically.  I have a half to train for that is in 7 weeks.  I plan on completing that race, too.
After today's crappy music selection, I think I will rely on the outdoor run factor as opposed to yoga.  I have more opportunity to heal the gracilis and thrive outdoors.  I am a morning person.  Always have been.  As long as I have 6 hours of sleep, I am great.  Tonight, I am just going to have to come home, shower, and be prepared to get up by 6 to enjoy the outdoors.
I want a break from yoga as, lately, it has been challenging to get into.  The nagging gracilis and lousy music selection of some of the instructors is taking its toll on me.
I finally purchased tickets to Denver for August.  Now just need to figure out accommodations.  I'm hoping to stay with the Goddess before the half marathon.  It was my first half, ever, and I ran the race with her.  Seems right to be returning to run the race and with Lindsay.  As such, the training plan needs to occur.  I cannot have another event like the half in May.  Brutal to run and sore, sore, sore...after.  Maybe I can reestablish some sort of routine with my AZ running partner.  Or, find a new running partner.  There is a guy from work that is gung ho on running.  He is doing an ultra race next month.  I think I would need to work into running with him.
So, tomorrow, either run or hit an early yoga class at the other studio that I frequent.  I don't love, love, love the exterior vibe of that place.  It feels like a trendy place.  I'm not a huge fan of that.  Although, I have enjoyed some of the music selection.  Moreover, the flow is new and different.  I am able to zone out somewhat while attending the classes.
Anyways, about to leave for work.  Must hydrate....

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