Thursday, June 20, 2013

Upcoming travel

In a month, I will be in Oregon.  Color me excited.  A break from the heat and being able to see two of my sisters.  Yay!
My younger sister, Jasmin, is visiting her best friend in Arizona at the end of June which means I have the opportunity to see all of my sisters within a month.  I am stoked!  Typically, seeing them, means traveling to a family function of sorts.  Last year, we all met in Oregon for Michaela's wedding.  This year, there are milestone birthdays in August and a new nephew to greet.
Unfortunately, the August trip is not in the cards for me.  Thankfully, with social media and technology, I will be able to see photos of the celebration.  And, I can return at a later date.  I love visiting Oregon.  Amazing wine, beer, landscape and my sisters.  I hope to check out Bend, this time, as well.  Tons of great food and beer.  I have a friend that I could visit.  He owns a brewery and I would love to see it.  It's more of a tap room from what I understand.  Sounds like he is growing it in a smart way.  I saw him at the beer fest in Paso Robles last month and so I know his ipa's are legit.
A day trip would be lovely in the meantime.  Maybe head up north to Sedona, wine taste in Cottonwood or head west to San Diego.  I adore that city.  The past few Mondays, I have been spending time in Phoenix.  On the light rail, baseball game and a resort.  All fun but all super hot.  I couldn't wait to find the nearest a/c or pool the resort day.  Of course, each day involved wine and/or cocktails which led to dehydration issues. Last night, for the first time in a while, I became woozy when I went into the front bar.  I made a fake gatorade (club soda, limes, salt) and tried to rehydrate with electrolytes.  I refuse to have a repeat of the face plant at the laundromat. Anytime I feel moderately dehydrated, I take a break and inhale water.
Wine samples had been left for me. I don't know when they were opened and I opted to skip sampling last night.  I wanted a pure night of sleep.  I can wine taste later and hope that the wines were opened yesterday and not Monday.  I'm sure it will be fine.  My rep was kind in leaving the samples for me in the first place.  Ironically, he is off to Oregon for a conference.  I am jealous.
I purchased tickets to Denver for the half marathon in August.  I have new kicks.  What is stopping me from getting up and putting two feet on the ground?  I know that it is time to embrace running.  Otherwise another half marathon will be a brutal disaster.  My mantra when running is WWLD? What would Lindsay Do?  I know she won't be upset if I want to stop and take a break while on the course.  However, that is not to say that she signed up for walking the course.  I must be ready to run 13.1 miles.
Tomorrow is a new day.  Or, I will start training on Monday.  Maybe take an early morning run and then day trip.  Take some time for me and explore AZ while attempting to avoid the heat factor.  Vegas was in town on Monday and we had lunch together.  He drove instead of us riding bikes.  I had no idea that his a/c wasn't functioning in his car.  Let's just say that I was grateful it was a short trip.  I don't think I could take a four hour drive back to Rocky Point without air conditioning.
About to head to yoga. Yesterday was a stretch due to the music factor but my gracilis feels good.  I am heading to a different studio today.  I know the music is awesome and that is what I am wanting.  Namaste!

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