Tuesday, June 18, 2013

happy hour

Tuesday is all about schedules, wine tasting and organizing.  I skipped yoga to rest my gracilis (lame, I know, but necessary).  I went in to work early and took stock of the available spirits and wine.  I met a few reps and left early.  There was nothing more for me to do.  I met with the reps that came in and communicated with the others that had not.  I knew that it was okay to head out early.
Lil Tina (mini me) met me at a wine bar.  Initially, we talked about relationships, career aspirations, and travel.  We each took bathroom breaks and enjoyed the wine.  After my third break to the bathroom I encountered two chicks at the sink.  I remember checking out the odd shirt and walking into the far stall.  Immediately, I turned around.
"Gross", I commented.
The girls stopped and said, "what?"
I go,"someone threw up in this stall."
I walk into the other stall and they continue talking.  After a couple of minutes, I realize that that was the girl that threw up (all over the stall).  At first, I feel bad for my response.  Then, I think, wait a minute...I'm not the dipshit that threw up in the women's bathroom and left it for other people to see.
I wash my hands and am careful to avoid any contact with vomit.  I watched her put soap in her hair in an attempt to camoflauge the puke.  I ask the chick if she needs a bar towel and if she wants me to tell the bartender about her accident.
Her response, yes.
I walk out of the bathroom and tell the guy.  I tell him that I am disgusted by the fact that she vomited and made no effort to clean it up.  I mean, wtf?  It's 6 o'clock and you vomit all over some random bathroom stall.  As I am talking to the bartender she walks out and makes no indication of what she did.
A female manager goes in to clean it up. Before she does, she approaches the table and asks the offender if she had thrown up in the bathroom.
Point blank, the girl says no.  Again, I ask, wtf?  It was ridiculous.  I couldn't believe that this chick had the audacity to throw up, not clean it up and then, lie about it.  Who does that?
Outside of that craziness, we encountered three guys who were dreaming of tacos and very expressive about it.  We declined drinks from them and made our way to Tricks.  Mandatory dessert and now, relaxation.  Yes, today was awesome minus the morons that have no couth or the guys that were vulgar.  Happy Tuesday, regardless~

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