Tuesday, June 25, 2013

random day off and indecisiveness of yoga

I thought about spending my day off inside and watching Arrested Development or some other show that I can get lost in.  Instead, I attended yoga from a new instructor.  Awesome.  He is a little spiritual and has complete command of his class.  I twisted into new poses and got worked.  He wasn't overly sensual like this one guy is.  You know what i am talking about right?  The overly confident, swaggering guy that is teaching yoga to hook up with some of the women that attend his class.  I swear, this one instructor personifies that stereotype of men who teach yoga.  I attend his class for the music factor.  It's always upbeat and challenging.  Sometimes, though, I get irritated with his vibe.  I want to practice yoga not watch flirtations between him and some of the soccer moms.
I arranged a massage.  I had purchased a groupon or living social something or other.  A two hour massage that would be welcome in my world.  Of course, they are booked til the 15th of July due to their offering on groupon.  The girl informed me that I would be with Michaela on the 15th.  Made me chuckle as my sister's name is Michaela.
Afterwards, I grabbed my wine book and headed to a cool new lunch spot that I recently found.  They offer this delicious chopped salad that is more pepper friendly than cheese or meat.  Plus, the space is cool.  Great ambiance, okay wine list and great deals, daily.  I read my book and relaxed.  It was wonderful.  Initially, I considered (as noted above) to stay inside and enjoy a marathon day of watching tv on my laptop.  Translation--no wine.  I had a full weekend of seeing friends and could use a day off.  Then, I thought, life is short and it is my day off.  Why not enjoy a glass of wine?  Plus, I did attend yoga and made room for new impurities to find housing in my temple.
Lunch was glorious.  Fantastic salad, a couple glasses of wine and my wine book to inspire me to travel to Languedoc, France.  Last year, my trip to Paris, was too short.  A day trip from Geneva.  Not nearly enough time to enjoy the streetside cafes or consider touring the country.  Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire, or south France.  I barely had enough time to see the city.  It rained which kept me indoors as I had no umbrella.  Lame, but true.
There is another noon class that I could attend today.  I like the girl's music and her flow is challenging.   But, I would have to purchase another package and I don't know that I want to commit to 25 classes to make it worthwhile at this studio.  I have mixed feelings about the studio.  It has a trendy vibe that I don't love, love, love and there is only one shower.  I am enjoying the new flow and music selections.  Not once have I been disappointed with a class there based on music alone.  That factor limits my desire to check out other studios in the area.  What if I purchase a package and the music sucks?  Then, I am stuck going to a class that I hate due purely to the music.  I know that yoga is about breathing, spirituality and the physical poses.  I know that I am supposed to not focus on the music and instead focus on the breath.  I cannot zone out, in the poses, without music however.  I personally enjoy the beat of the music to match my flow too.  I prefer instructors with dance backgrounds.  They seem to choose their flow based on their music selection.  It works well for them and me.
I have many classes left on my package from my normal studio.  The instructor today is kind and her music is fine.  Her flow lacks as this is not her focus.  She was trained in a different style and so he vinyasa flow is lackluster.  Still, it's either attend her class or buy more classes at the other studio.  I don't want to skip yoga today which is another option.  I haven't managed to lace up my kicks yet and so I want to go to yoga.
I opt for the kindness factor. I suppose I will be purchasing another package soon.  The one guy teaches there and his class was awesome.

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