Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Thursday thoughts

Today is a glorious day.  Mostly, as that is how I am choosing to greet it.  The last few days, I have been in a serious funk.  My body felt bloated (damn thanksgiving), I was stressed out due to work and my sleep suffered in addition to other areas of my life.
I woke up today and felt great.  I skipped yoga.  In my defense, I am unfamiliar with the teacher and the prospect of attending a bikram/flow class with crappy music just inspired me to stay home and watch Nashville, early, as opposed to tonight, when I am done with work.  I really enjoy that show--great character development, plot twists and then the music is great.  On a side note, I am listening to that station on pandora.
I miss my running partner, the Goddess.  I wish we could go for a run/catch up session.  Or, I wish I had someone in Phoenix that could become my running partner.  I had one, last year, but it felt shallow and forced.  Plus, I am pretty sure the guy was only running with me, hoping, that I would go out with him.  I thought that was incredibly lame.  His nickname was McFly (no, I never told him that).  Super nice guy but he reminded me of George McFly, the high school student.  I didn't him as anything but a running mate.
I will return to yoga tomorrow.  I have the option to go to another studio and catch more vinyasa flow classes which I prefer.  I know the bikram style is beneficial for a lot of people.  It is not for me.  I prefer balancing postures and change, every day.  I get bored when it is the same sequence daily.  It is stagnant.
I knew that I was a 5 according to numerology.  A nonconformist.  Some positive attributes and some that are risky.  But, it is me and it is so true to how I view my life.  I like the freedom/flexibility of how I choose to live.  Real job is challenging my ability to travel and sustain like I am used to.  I haven't completely decided to chuck it, but, I'm not 100% sold on the benefits of stability.  I am learning, a lot, which I appreciate and meeting more people in the industry that I want to be part of.  I know that I am on the right path and that challenges/obstacles are part of it.  It's all part of the learning process.  I am thankful that I have mini-trips in the works.  Gratitude for my employers and their patience with me.
I have an upcoming venture to New Mexico in January and then there is Las Vegas in February.  Shari and I need to lock down the dates so that I can ask off from work.  In July, I have a half marathon in Napa.  The accommodations are set and I know that I will manage (somehow) to make it Denver or Santa Fe another time in the Spring.  I know that I benefit, greatly, from these quick trips.  It's like a reset button that soothes me.
Well, I must fully embrace the day and head to work.  Cheers~

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