Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The iron

I now have the most intimate relationship with my iron.  Phenomenal, right?  I despise ironing clothes and yet this is what I have chosen to do for the foreseeable future.  What was I thinking?  Thankfully, I had the sense to purchase one on Sunday before scrambling around on Monday prior to work.  I knew that I would need one at some point in the relocation process.  I just didn't realize that I would be ironing/re-ironing my clothes, daily.  I am not thrilled about this aspect.  I doubt it will change.  I don't see myself waking up one day and being happy to iron.  It will remain a necessary chore.
Not to mention, I need to ensure that the clothes are clean, presentable, pressed prior to arriving at work.  Yesterday, I schlepped my clothes to a nearby laundry mat.  That, too, was a challenge.  Not a huge fan of doing my clothes in this venue.  I was inspired to purchase more french blue button down shirts and find a service to clean my shirts.  I remember when Brian took all of his clothes to this little lady to clean.  I thought it was such a waste of money.  Now, I am realizing how genius it is.  I mean, my time is money and having to schlep clothes, hang out while they are washing/drying, and fold them takes time.  Time that I could be doing something more useful to me.
For example, furniture shopping.  I want to find the perfect wine cabinet to house some wines and also provide a more lived in look than I have strived for in the past.  Dare I say it?  I am ready to be an adult and establish some sort of roots.  Roots to me, equates to material things.  Things that I will want to take with me when I opt to relocate again.
I checked out a few spots and hope to do more investigating tomorrow and the weekend.  I am considering a trip to ABQ to furniture shop, hit Macy's and see my friend, Jennifer, if she is available.  I have the weekend off and I want to take advantage of it.  I thought about going to Ojo, Denver or hiking.  Then, after shopping for this french blue shirt the last few days, I realized that I should take care of that before I take off to see friends.  I can go to Denver whenever I want to now.  I am closer, it is spring (no snow to contend with) and something that I will do fairly often.  I miss my friends.
I must conclude this for now.  I need to head into training and inventory later.  Joyful times, for sure...

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