Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Departure dance begins

I have started my departure tour from Phoenix. It's official.  I am relocating to Santa Fe in a few weeks.  I have been trying to tie up any loose ends--massage memberships, yoga classes, basically--anything that needs to be completed in Phoenix.  I gifted a massage to my hiking friend, Cody.  I know she enjoyed that immensely.  I told her I would give her my massage if she used my preferred therapist.  She agreed.  She knows how amazing Brandon is from her visit to the massage studio.  Brandon specializes in sports massage/injury.  I see him when I am in need of some serious adjustment.  He is always fantastic.
In terms of yoga...I have one class left at a studio and 8 at the other.  I wish it were flip flopped as the one studio has several classes/instructors that I wish to see and the other, well, it is a challenge to find a class that I truly enjoy.  Still, I knew that I could make it work with some maneuvering.  I asked the owner to transfer some of my remaining classes to their north location so that I could take the vinyasa flow class that I prefer.  They offer the flow class, daily, at noon, at my normal location and at 9:30/noon at the north scottsdale location.  I was explaining why I wanted the transfer.  I am moving to Santa Fe and wish to utilize the flow class option in the next two weeks.  The owner responds with--I am sad.  I mean, you are like furniture here.
Yea, that is obviously what I was going
Let's just say, my yoga experience, that day was subpar as I reflected on that remark.  In addition, my boss recently joined the yoga studio to improve his health.  He has seen me the last two years come into work after yoga and knew that that was where I practiced.  He chose their studio from my experience there.
Somehow the owners of the studio haven't quite caught that connection.  That or the amount of people that I have sent to them in the last two years.  Instead, they are so impressed by how great Jon is.  How nice, gracious, generous.  They make sure to remind me of how great he is whenever I enter the studio.  Remember, I am just furniture.
Regardless, I will make the most of it and supplement the remainder of days with free classes that I have been offered in the last year.  I have an aestitician friend that teaches at another studio in central Phoenix.  I can check out her class before bidding adieu to Phoenix.
I am hoping to find a fantastic studio in Santa Fe and embrace a new community. I have taken a couple classes in the last few months that lead me to believe that it will be a challenge.  I have been spoiled in Phoenix by the yoga available.  Upbeat music, challenging changing flow and some spiritualistic qualities as well.
I have been able to hike Camelback weekly which I will also miss.  Yesterday my hamstring pulled at me on the way up.  My massage therapist tore apart both of my legs the day prior.  I felt all of the work on the hike.   Today, I head north for yoga and might stop by the new location of work that will be opening in May. I am excited to see the progress being made.  I am confident that the location will do extremely well.
I have a few other things to finish before packing up and heading north.  Just in time to embrace the weather in Santa Fe and avoid the intense summer of Phoenix.  I will miss many things about Phoenix.  I will not miss the summers, at all.  They are brutal.
Well, I must get my namaste on.  Make it a great day!

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