Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day of departure

Relocating was interesting.  I woke up at 4 to pack my car.  The night before turned into a wash and instead of getting that task out of the way, I drank wine with my friend, Lisa.  I adore Lisa and she has been a great friend.  My decision to move to Santa Fe displeased her as I knew it would.  I delayed telling her until I had to since I knew it would not be a welcome reaction.  The majority of my friends/family saw this as a positive decision.  They knew that I have always been this way.  When I make up my mind, I go after it and make it happen, whatever it is.  I wear people down in terms of travel, food, etc.  It is how I am and always been.
Lisa was unhappy that I wouldn't be able to hang out with her as often.  Ironically, she works the market in New Mexico and will be here frequently.
Regardless, we drank wine and I returned home to make a makeshift bed on the floor.  I had already taken my bed apart and didn't want to mess with it.  I set up my fans, sleeping bag and made due.
Initially, I thought I would be staying at Jan's house.  She and her friend, Rodney, agreed to help me with the move.  I could pack my things, stay with them, and wake up, refreshed in the morning.  Plus, she has coffee and I had already gotten rid of my coffee maker.  That was the only thing I was concerned with on Friday night.  Since I would not be staying with them, I would wake up and have no access to coffee.
I dreamed that that was not the case.  I even, convinced myself, when I woke up, that I would be able to make coffee.  I do have an addiction problem it seems.
At any rate, I pack my car, find a coffee shop and wait for their arrival.  They were doing me a huge favor and so I couldn't crack the whip too much.  We did leave Phoenix by 7 am and so that was something.  Rodney took great care to tarp down my table, bed, bikes.  We knew it might rain and it did.  For the first hour and a half we dealt with that lovely weather.  Thankfully, my bed was not soaked.  We stopped a few times to adjust the ties and tarp.  I am a let's get there type of person. I would have been fine chowing on protein bars and sustaining until arriving in Santa Fe.  However, since I was with friends that were doing me a solid favor, I had little say in determining the rate in which we would arrive.
We stopped in Grants, NM, for a potty break (for me).  We stop at a hardware store to purchase more ties to strap down the tarp.  The wind had picked up and it was annoying to watch the tarp flap like an exploding mushroom the majority of the trip.
After the hardware store (think 25 minutes) we must have food.  We find a mexican restaurant that appeared decent--clean, friendly, and well occupied.  I calm down a little and recognize that we will get there when we get there.  Rodney ordered a bowl of red chile.  The menu described it as pork, red chile and with or without pinto beans.  They raved of homemade tortillas.
I ordered a bean burrito and Jan wanted enchiladas.  In all fairness, our plates were okay.  Not great but decent.  Rodney's was a bowl of red chile.  It looked like a bowl of tomato soup.  There were a few small pieces of pork that he found.  The tortillas were store bought and it was a waste of a meal.
I pay and we stop to get fuel.  The stop in Grants wasted a good hour and twenty minutes. Plus, the loss of hour with daylight savings and the departure time made for a long day.
We arrived and I unpacked some of my belongings.  Surprisingly, I did not break one wine glass.  I suppose working at the gift shop while in high school taught me how to properly pack breakables.  I did, find, that my sunblock exploded all over a box of my clothes.  That was an annoying find.
So far, that was the only mishap with the move.  I worked last night and see a ton of potential in the place and adjustment for me.  The computer system is old, I don't make change for customers (the managers do) and I have to run back and forth to the kitchen after every food order.  It will keep me in shape and on my toes.
I will update more later.  I need to meet Jan and Rodney before they head back to Phoenix....

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