Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Attire, mixology and other changes in my life....

My first attempt at tying a bowtie was not too bad.  I watched an instructional video and felt confident that it was a legit effort.  I walked into my new job and introduced myself to the crew.  I was sweating as is my nature and the blue shirt was unforgiving.  It showed my unease (I suppose) to anyone that was sitting at the bar.  A few of my friends showed up and watched me struggle with the new gig.  For instance, I forgot my wine opener.  How is this possible is what I thought when I realized it.  I swear, I have like 50.
At any rate, I rectified that situation with a quick text message.  Gotta love technology.  I knew that a friend of mine would be stopping in and felt confident that he would have a wine opener handy.  He did.
Thankfully.  The guy I trained with did not have one available.  Nor was there an extra one lying around the bar.  It was this guy's last shift and so his training capabilities were seriously limited.  I think, I annoyed him more than anything else.
Today, was a completely different experience.  First off, I had my own wine opener.  Made a huge difference.  I met the guy training me and felt at ease.  He was interested in showing me where everything was located and having me work on the computer.  I felt much better tonight.
We had a mix of people and it was great to chit chat and feel comfortable in a new environment.  I made my first ever Negroni and attempted to burn an orange peel to enhance the drink.  Sure, it is a great concept and there are amazing mixologists around the world.  I am not inspired in that realm.  I am more service oriented and thrive in anticipating needs.  Being the center of attention, while learning a new drink is not that phenomenal in my book.
I made the Negroni and then a trio came in and wanted some odd off the wall cocktail--brandy, rye, sweet vermouth and bitters.  Oh, and can I also have an orange rind burned?  What?  Why?  Fantastic, I get to practice burning my thumb again.  Me and the orange peel did not see eye to eye.
I learned how to close the bar down and ate half of a hamburger.  Delicious. For real.  I truly enjoyed it.  Poblano pepper, white cheddar, avocado...yummy!  I need to find a few more shirts to wear to work. I am having some difficulty acquiring one.  It's either too light, a men's shirt (that would need to be tailored) or a shirt that will cost $60-$90.  I refuse to spend that amount on a shirt for a job.
I talked to a few of my co-workers and they gave me some helpful hints about cleaning my shift, where to find one, and what it was like to work there.  I am enjoying it.  We shall see how everything shakes out.
Yoga perplexes me.  I went today and enjoyed aspects of the class.  The music was an improvement.  Some of the flow aspects were decent.  Then, we did some odd sequence and a chant that made me rethink the positive parts of the class/instructor.  The chanting was too long and wasted about 15 minutes of the hour long class.
I work tomorrow night, Thursday day, and Sunday night.  It will be odd to have Friday/Saturday off.  I will figure something out, I am sure.  Til then, enjoy your night.

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