Sunday, April 20, 2014


I have been distracted the last week.  Somewhat distracted that is.  A week ago when I was breaking up with my yoga studio, I forgot my sports bra.  $40 to them to practice as I couldn't leave with that lame excuse as they have sports bras for sale.
On Thursday, I had my car checked over.  My mechanics are great.  Very thorough and kind.  I met a friend for coffee and had my whole day arranged.  I picked my car up and headed to yoga. I had my change of clothes, towels, shoes, but no work out clothes.  Awesome.  I rushed home to grab some yoga attire and returned to the studio.  Little things that sideline me because I am rushing around. If only, I had taken a few additional minutes to check my bag.
Yesterday, I woke up early to go to a new studio.  I had a few free passes that I could utilize. I ensured that I had my yoga towel, a change of clothes and a few pairs of shoes.  A few blocks from my house, I remember that my yoga mat is hanging on my clothes line.  Crap!
I take the class from an instructor that I respect.  I must leave to ensure that I have enough time to shower, grab a coffee and make it to work.  The class was a nice balance of physical and spiritual.  I leave a few minutes early to shower.  The studio was inviting, warm and comfortable.  Most studios offer amenities--shampoo, conditioner, soap.  This studio did not.  I was bummed about that as I did not come prepared with those things.  However, I could make it work except for the temperature factor.  The water never heated up.  That sucked and sort of soured the experience.  Thankfully, it was not a heated studio and so I wasn't as sweaty as normal.  I would have returned home to shower and decreased my time to enjoy a coffee.
Anyways, I have been distracted the last few days.  I know that I have expectations of what I would like to achieve before I head to Santa Fe.  I want to spend time with friends and check out eateries that I prefer.  I hope to see some friends this week and drink some of their cellared wine.  I know that will be a treat and they offered to have me over.
I will attend a wine tasting on Tuesday and skip an opportunity to work.  I want to enjoy some of the perks associated with my wine job before heading out and starting over.  I will leave Saturday for the new adventure and begin work on Monday.  I have a bowtie, black slacks and a blue button down shirt.  Welcome to my new life of uniforms.  I must purchase an iron and board to at least arrive presentable.  I know that is a requirement of this job.  Clean, pressed, presentable.  Reminds me of my days at Fifi's in college.  It will be interesting and a welcome change, for sure.
For the time being, I will attend yoga at a mix of studios and hike Camelback one last time, tomorrow, with my friend, Cody.  I am excited!
Have a lovely Easter experience~

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