Thursday, April 10, 2014

Last weekend delights

Last weekend, I met Sara Jo in Santa Fe.  We had visited the city a few times in the past.  I was convinced that we had only been there once in the past.  At another point, maybe 2003 or 2004, we had made plans to get a reset trip.  I had been having some difficulty with Brian and wanted to take a break from my reality.
At any rate, we were supposed to head down to Santa Fe and Sara canceled at the last minute.  I was determined to go and so I filled my jeep up and headed south.  I stayed at a cute b & b type of establishment and arranged a massage.  Melody was my therapist at this point and we have been friends ever since.
Months later, Sara and I returned and stayed at a hotel about a mile from the Plaza.  It was reasonably priced and Sara wasn't high maintenance about hotel needs.  I have friends that want all of the perks and are willing to pay for it.  I prefer to offset some of the hotel costs and funnel those funds into the food factor.  We ate a a popular breakfast spot and hiked.  We received some bodywork from Melody (my new massage therapist friend) and returned to Denver.
Our next adventure we visited during Fiesta.  I had gotten more savvy with the search engine sites and arranged a hotel closer to the plaza.  It was great.  We could walk everywhere that we wanted to be.  Our hotel was cute, offered a heated pool and had a lovely continental breakfast.  Typically, I skip that part of the amenity package as it is normally bagels, jams, cereal, oatmeal.  I prefer choosing where to go and on my own time-line.
Anyways, I had forgotten about the first adventure to Santa Fe.  As we walked around town, it all came back to me.  Sara and I have went on several trips together.  I had forgotten that we spend time in Santa Fe a few times prior to last weekend.  We connected with Melody and spent a few hours at Ojo to soak.  Our hotel was lovely, centrally located and reasonably priced.  That was due to networking and I have been fortunate to have met some incredible people on my journey.
Sara and I met on Friday and enjoyed margaritas at a patio bar.  Most of the places were not offering outdoor service yet.  We made due.  Afterwards we stopped by a local spot and sat barside.  I know the chef and want to support his location.  He's kind, engaging and gracious.  Initially, we were overinundated with people trying to help us--the host, the bartender, the GM.  We waived them off and wanted to be leisurely.  That seems to have been our mistake as it took forever to order and then to receive the check.  It seemed ridiculous as we were seated at a bar table and they were not busy.
We concluded our first night at one of my favorite spots.  We found two bar stools and perused the menu.  This place never disappoints.  I absolutely love it and it is nice that we were about a block from the hotel.  We watched basketball on Saturday and tooled around the city.  There was a restaurant that Shari and I found but did not dine at.  I forced Sara to walk over and check out the space.  It was a piano bar and a lively atmosphere.  There were no bar seats and so a server helped us to the bar rail.  She brought us water and we waited.  The bartender ignored us and so we chose to leave.  I don't know that I will ever return it was that disappointing.
Sunday we soaked at Ojo and spent the majority of the day with Melody.  Drank some bubbly, tempranillo and then retired to the hotel.  Our adventure was concluding.  There will be others.  An upcoming trip to Napa in July to run a half marathon.  I am excited to do that race and must, must, must actually start running again.  I am thankful that yoga has been a constant in my life.
Last weekend was lovely.  I had hoped to spend some time with other friends of mine, too.  Unfortunately the timing was off.
I returned to 95 degrees.  I am not ready for this weather, at all.  Thankfully mornings are still cool.  I have much to do and little time to achieve it.  First, there is yoga....

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