Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Grateful for friends

Lovely memory.  Night game at Coors Field with my friend,  Sara Jo.  It's been way too long.  This weekend I hope to remedy this.  I will be heading up to Denver for a quick warrior weekend.  Finding new shoes (since the selection here is lame.  I know.  I have looked several times.)   Seeing friends--Goddess, Sara, Jenn, Bryn, maybe Maghan.  We'll see.  I am ready for a little R & R in Denver. 
I think I am nostalgic due to the weather.  Overcast and inspiring of making plans.  Oh, and remembering fun experiences.
I do hope to accomplish a pedicure while up in the city.  I could use one and know there are many options of places in Denver.  Plus, I know Lindsay knows of a place that has a reclining chair that has always sounded incredible to me. 
Should be a lovely weekend and experience.  I always enjoy seeing my friends.

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