Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yoga and abundance

Double/Double translates to skipping yoga and/or cycling classes.  I signed up for a combination class that I was looking forward to and had signed up for.  I woke up, early yesterday morning, and canceled my class.  I felt it would be preferable to sleep or at least rest for a few additional hours.  Then, I regretted that decision midway through my night shift.  I would have felt better had I powered through the cycle/yoga class. 
Today is a new day.  I will attend the ashtanga class and meet a friend for lunch.  Then work.  It's been a summer of abundance.  Not only work related but also in the friends department and cultivating yoga contacts.  I enjoy this aspect of my life and how my community is developing.  Of course, I have the most solid base in Phoenix in terms of yoga.  That is where my practice deepened and I found that I wanted to maybe one day get certified.  I moved to Santa Fe and honestly was disappointed by the community here.  It was too spiritual for me.  I prefer the physical part of yoga.  I love that there is a very physical community in Phoenix and I relied on it.  Because I missed this part of my practice, I was motivated to get certified.  I am about 2/3 done with my training.  Kinda scary since I feel that I am rushing some of the hours to get my certificate.  Do I want to learn about yoga for golf?  Not really.  I would prefer an adjustments class or a sequencing class.  I love this one instructor who is like a sequencing ninja.  Always innovative and challenging.  I want my mind bent and she definitely does it.
Realizing this, I also identify that I am enjoying the yoga more in Santa Fe.  There is a new heated studio that is filling a void that I was missing.  I like heated vinyasa flow.  Power flow specifically.  And, I am meeting more and more instructors while practicing here now.  I feel confident that I would have an opportunity to teach and my style would be embraced.  I feel a pull to Denver, always, in many respects.  The only thing that is not as strong there is the yoga for me.  I did religiously attend a studio there.  I wasn't as involved in that community or my practice at that point.  However, I know that I have friends that have relocated there that I have met while traveling.  I am excited to check out a few studios on my next visit. 
I am excited to recognize that my practice is evolving and developing in multiple cities in the southwest.  I love meeting other people that also are on this journey.  Summer continues with more yoga, lunch dates and green chiles. I do love that part of New Mexico, too. 
I'm off to yoga and meeting a dear friend for lunch.  Hope you enjoy your Sunday, too.  You deserve it!

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