Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Celebration and recovery

Guess it is becoming a tradition.  How I spend/celebrate 4th of July that is...Dinner at one of Santa Fe's finest restaurants.  Specifically with Melody.  Last year we dined barside and sampled onion rings, beef tartare, sweetbreads and foie gras and the veal chop for the main course.  I think we tried the chocolate cake for dessert.  Equally delicious. 
Last night, we were given onion rings while waiting for our table.  Toasting the night with bubbles and eventually making our way to our table.  We chose the tuna tartare, this time, to begin the night.  Good way to start but I prefer the beef tartare.  I cannot believe that I am saying this as I rarely eat meat.  I rarely order hamburgers and I never choose to eat a plate of raw meat.  That is, until last year, fourth of July when I tried it.  Amazing.  However, it is no longer offered on the menu and I did want to sample the tuna tartare.  Followed by razor clams, olives, tomatoes and housemade pasta.  Purely salty and balanced.  It accompanied the wine at that point, too.   The som decanted a lovely bottle of 99 Isosceles that Melody had been gifted.  Delicious.  We did not know if it had held up or if it would be vinegar.  Thankfully, the wine was gorgeous.  It evolved over the course of our meal.  We finished with a pork tenderloin with bing cherries and cabbage.  Such a lovely experience. 
Garden dining was relaxing and accommodated my mood.  I wanted to enjoy a nice meal and catch up with her.  I saw fireworks later when I returned home.  All of the neighborhood kids were out and wreaking havoc on my cul de sac.  I opted to choose to join their moms and drink some wine.  Interesting conversation.  My landlords are kind people.  Always gracious and interested in my well-being.  We make small talk in most of our passings and so that night, I went out of my way to chat with them.
The last few days have been full of work and wanting to do yoga.  I experienced some stomach cramps on Monday night.  Rare for me and unsettling.  I had a friend visit me from Phoenix on Sunday night and she was overwhelmed with nausea, cramping, vomit.  Similarly, my friend in Vegas had this sensation of nausea, chills, vomit.  I suppose I overthought it a little.  I had not eaten anything that would create the cramps and so I laid low, rested up, skipped yoga and went to work.  Thankfully, I recovered and went about with my day. 
I am off to hit a cycle/yoga class to aid with the detox.  Must rest for the weekend~

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