Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day of bliss

Day of Bliss.  This is my idea of a blissful day.  You know, one where the essential part of it is based on relaxation and finding that zen space.  I chose a cycling class to kick start the day.  I prefer yoga but that was not an option.  Early on that is.  I had set up acupuncture before heading to Ojo.  Of course there are several classes offered at 5 or 6 pm.  I know for a fact that there is an ashtanga class that I enjoy attending on Wednesdays at 5:30.  I love the instructor and my personal practice has improved from meeting Paige.  However, I do not love attending class that late in the day especially on my day off.  I appreciate creating bliss with acupuncture, physical activity, soaking at hot springs....and recognize that wine will be entering the picture as a retox, too.  I cannot drink wine and then attend ashtanga without potentially passing out. 
So, I opted for the cycling class at 6 am.  Super early for me.  The music was great and it was a workout.  I still prefer yoga.  Regardless, next stop coffee and a protein bar.  I packed my Ojo bag and headed to the acupuncture studio.  I recently rediscovered acupuncture for attaining equilibrium in my body.  Energy surges through my arms.  It's this crazy sensation and it always happens.  In addition to the needles, my acupuncturist does an additional treatment where she heats the needles up on my stomach.  It's like burning incense on my belly.  Odd sensation but harmless. 
I flipped over and she gave me a back massage before placing needles on my back.  At this point, I was completely out of it.  I left in a blissed out state.  Driving was little challenging as I was not as aware of other people.  I left the coffee drive thru and almost caused an accident.  Some lady honked at me and I didn't even react.  For about twenty minutes this state continued.  I was relaxed.  Then while driving I returned to reality.  Snapped out of my zen state just like that.
Drove to Ojo and waited for Jennifer to arrive.  We planned this day trip while we were in Las Vegas.  And, I love soaking at Ojo.  I try to soak at least once a month.  It is the most lovely way to spend a day off.  Of course, we were not the only ones with the idea of spending a Wednesday at Ojo.  Super busy.  I think I have Jennifer convinced that she must bring her mom to Ojo when her mom visits next time.  It is a wonderful, rejuvenating space.  I adore it.
We drove back to Santa Fe and shared some nibbles before she headed back to ABQ.  I stopped by one of my jobs to talk schedule and see how they were doing.  I was also curious to see what is was like as a customer.  Lovely.  I really enjoyed my time and extending my day of bliss.  And retoxing at this point.  Rose with conversation. 
Skipped yoga this morning.  I am sunburnt and wanted a break.  I can return to my physical activity tomorrow.  On board today, laundry, lunch, work.  Will be excellent.  Cheers!

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