Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekend fun in Vegas

Welcome back!  I spent last weekend in Las Vegas.  Love that city.  Mostly due to the food factor.  It's been a few years since I have visited and this trip felt overdue.  Instead of returning to Kansas for a class reunion, I opted to propose a weekend in Vegas.  Especially since there had been no talk of a reunion up until March.  I knew that my friend, Melody, had spent her 20 year reunion with a select few last year and that she loved it.  Made sense to me.  Spend a weekend in Vegas, dine well, celebrate being fabulous and maybe see a Cirque show.  Or go to Kansas and tour the high school if they actually planned a weekend.
I asked a few of my high school friends if they were interested in this alternate trip.  I advocated for a few weekends in June or July as August would be out due to my current work situation.  The busiest month of the year is August. I knew that I would not be heading anywhere that month.
Fast forward to last weekend.  One friend agreed to meet me.  Jennifer lives in ABQ, ironically, so I do see her on a semi regular basis.  She is travel friendly and knew how I like to travel.  A few years ago she met me in Las Vegas to run a half marathon with Shari.  Grizzly Adams (Aron) crashed our trip with his airstream.  Long story and a throw back to my past.
At any rate, I spent the weekend in Las Vegas.  I chose to fly out of Santa Fe as it seemed more convenient.  Parking is cheap and I could leave an hour from when my flight was supposed to take off.  I arrive at the airport after doing a spin/yoga combo to offset the excess of the weekend.  I check into the flight and realize that the flight is delayed out of Denver.  I might miss my connecting flight there to arrive in Vegas at 7:45.  Thankfully, the flight out of Denver also was delayed.  I made my connection.
Jennifer and I had dinner at a Thai restaurant followed by dancing at a new club.  Successful first night.  We shared a bottle of delicious Grenache from Paso Robles.  I saw the listing on their wine bible and knew we must drink it.  Dinner was great.  Calamari salad, curry and fish cakes.  Jennifer does not eat chicken, pork or beef.  I convinced her that calamari would be fine.  She could try it at least.
Saturday morning, I got us coffee to begin the day.  One of the things that I do everyday.  I wanted to see a little of the strip before it got too hot.  We started walking down to Paris casino so we could patio dine and people watch.  Midway down the strip Jennifer got sick.  Had hot flashes and chills alternating her system.  We cabbed it back to the hotel and I left her with ice chips, a cold towel and ginger ale.  I felt she would feel better with sleep and being alone.  Thankfully she felt better with rest.  We spent Saturday night at O.  Amazing show.  Crazy amazing.  The contortions and strength embodied by these athletic performers was incredible.  I loved it.
Followed by dinner at Bouchon.  Another staple in my Vegas adventure.  We shared a cheese plate and I chose a nicoise salad and a side of corn and bacon.  Delicious.  Sunday morning, Jennifer had an early direct flight to ABQ.  While my flight back to Santa Fe departed later in the day.  Quick stop at Olives for lunch and headed to the airport.  I had too much time to spend at the airport.  I could either find an airport bar/restaurant and drink wine or get a pedicure.  Excellent chose.  I preferred this option.  My flight to Denver arrived late.  We were circling instead of landing.  I checked my phone and saw that I had 20 minutes to arrive at my gate.  Meanwhile, my sister, Michaela, also was in DIA.  Her flight back to Eugene was also delayed.  She asked if I would run by her gate while in the airport.  I got off the original flight and ran the length of terminal B it seemed.  I briefly stopped at Gate 55 to hug my sister.  Then, I take off running to board my plane.  I convince the agent to let me board.  There was 12 minutes to when the plane was scheduled to take off.  I find my seat, smash my bags under the seat in front of me.  Felt it was pointless to try to secure overhead space.  I was grateful that I made the flight as I knew that I would have a difficult time returning if I missed it. 
Imagine my frustration when the flight does not leave on time.  Instead, we sit on the tarmac to wait for a mechanic to say the PA system worked.  I could have been hanging out with Michaela, at Elway's in the airport.  I have a friend that works there who I would have loved to see.  Yet, there I sat on the plane, waiting to be cleared for take off.  Super lame and ridiculous!
I returned to Santa Fe unscathed.  Meaning managed to make all of the flight connections and without being too intoxicated and married.  I did have an indecent proposal early on in my weekend.  Funny!

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